Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011 2012 2013

Details for Mechanism ID: 10822
Country/Region: Eswatini
Year: 2012
Main Partner: Columbia University
Main Partner Program: International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: HHS/HRSA
Total Funding: $220,000

The ICAP/HRSA activity is directly linked to the Partnership Framework Implementation Plan Human andInstitutional Capacity Development Pillar Objectives one (management of the health care workforce) andthree (training of the health care workforce). The ICAP/HRSA projects works through the ICAP/CDCplatform to target the Ministry of Health training department at the national, regional and facility level andthe Swaziland Nursing Council. The HRSA activity aims to support the MOH to put in place a sustainableprofessional development and in-service training program that will rationalize training provision, reduceoverlap and duplication and ensure that all nurses are trained in the requisite skills to provide quality care.

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $220,000

ICAP will continue to support the scale up of mentorship, preceptorship and facilitative supervision andwill conduct an evaluation of the progress made to date.ICAP/HRSA will support the MOH and the Swaziland Nursing Council to rationalize IST specifically fornurses, but with benefit for other cadres as well. Specifically, ICAP/HRSA will:

Support the MOH to develop an IST policy and strategic plan;Support the establishment of an IST database and M&E tools to track IST provided and monitor thequality of that training; and,Strengthen the capacity of IST Coordinators through training and information dissemination on the ISTpolicy, strategic plan and M&E tools.

ICAP supported the MOH to establish a national Wellness Center for health care workers to accesshealth care, behavior change communication and psychosocial support to maintain good health andbetter manage the demands of their work. The Wellness Center currently operates at the national level.During this period, ICAP/HRSA will contribute to the:

Roll out of a lifestyle behavior change communication strategy for health care workers;Implementation of biannual wellness days within the four regions, including a know your statuscampaign and regional dialogues aimed at reducing HIV-related stigma among health care workers; and,The development of an integrated advocacy and communication strategy and training materials on

health care workers' occupational health and safety rights and responsibilities.

As part of its professional development support for nurses, ICAP will assist the MOH to participate ininternational nursing conferences.

ICAP, in collaboration with key stakeholders, will support an end of program evaluation of the INCIinitiative to assess progress and inform future plans.

Depending on the continuation of the International Nursing Capacity Initiative and available funding, ICAPwill support the University of Swaziland in the development of a part time masters program in clinicaldiagnosis and management of common morbidities in Swaziland, including HIV and TB (at nursepractitioners level).