Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2012 2013

Details for Mechanism ID: 13772
Country/Region: eSwatini
Year: 2012
Main Partner: Management Sciences for Health
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $128,408

MSH links to the following PFIP objectives: "Improve the human and institutional capacity of the MoH andNGOs to respond to the HIV epidemic" and "HIV and AIDS health systems strengthened and integrated toimprove health outcomes and developmental action in Swaziland". The BLC project works to build thecapacity of local institutions in the delivery of HIV/AIDS services in the region. With BLC support, suchinstitutions will progress to the point where they are able to attract and effectively manage fundingreceived directly from the US government and other donors. Through MSH, PEPFAR will continue toprovide USG's in-kind contribution to the CCM, in addition to providing necessary program management,technical assistance and tools. MSH will also provide necessary technical assistance and tools to helpthe Advisor improve grant alignment and leveraging of Global Fund grants with HIV donor activities, inparticular PEPFAR resources. BLC will support other training and coordination activities as determinedin consultation with the CCM and NERCHA. For the capacity-building activities described above, MSHwill not receive additional funding inputs from other donors, host government and/or civil society - theseactivities are funded entirely by PEPFAR.

Global Fund / Programmatic Engagement Questions

1. Is the Prime Partner of this mechanism also a Global Fund principal or sub-recipient, and/or does thismechanism support Global Fund grant implementation? Yes2. Is this partner also a Global Fund principal or sub-recipient? Neither3. What activities does this partner undertake to support global fund implementation or governance?

Recipient(s) of ApproximateBudget Code Brief Description of ActivitiesSupport BudgetFunding for the Executive SecretaryCCM Secretariat, position at the CCM Secretariat; FundingOHSS NERCHA GMU, 375000 for Public Health Advisor for NERCHA'sCCM GMU to ensure grant alignment andleveraging of Global Fund grants with HIV

donor activities, in particular PEPFARresources; Global Fund support &coordination activities (training, TA) forCCM & NERCHA

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $128,408

MSH is working with Swaziland's CCM and with NERCHA as a Global Fund Principle Recipient. Tomaintain cost-effectiveness and streamline operations, MSH corporate policy requires that, to the extentpracticable, all projects in any country are co-located in the same offices and are supported by a commonoperational platform. While the Building Local Capacity Project does not have permanent staff inSwaziland, operations are supported by MSH's Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Project

with offices in Mbabane. The work with the CCM and NERCHA anticipates a higher level of technicalassistance and other resource inputs in the first two to three years, with such support tapering off in theout years. Performance benchmarks include: i) development of HR plans for the adequate staffing of theCCM secretariat and NERCHA Global Fund management unit (GMU); and ii) orientation and training ofstaff from NERCHA's GMU, including sub-recipients and other implementing partners, on Global Fundsystems, processes and reporting.