Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2008 2009

Details for Mechanism ID: 3104
Country/Region: Zambia
Year: 2008
Main Partner: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Own Agency
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $2,914,000

Funding for Management and Operations (HVMS): $2,914,000

This narrative describes the CDC Zambia Management and Staffing (M&S) needs for both GHAI and GAP


The USG Zambia team's M&S goal, through the CDC office in Zambia, is to have sufficient staff for COP08

to provide more technical and programmatic oversight and assistance to all implementing partners in

Zambia. The CDC M&S budget in COP08 supports the USG interagency team process of providing

technical assistance and monitoring of PEPFAR activities across a significant array of implementing

partners in the Zambia. Zambia is a land locked country surrounded by 8 other countries. It is divided into

9 provinces and 72 districts. It is estimated that over 70 local languages exist. This geographical and

ethnic diversity influences the USG staffing needs to provide monitoring of the extensive PEPFAR activities.

Direct country project officer oversight at CDC Zambia is in place for 32 cooperative agreements covering

activities in all of the 14 technical program areas. Ten additional contracts and task orders are also in place

for specific management and operational requirements.

To achieve the goals of effective technical assistance to the Government of the Republic (GRZ) of Zambia

and joint USG oversight of implementing partners, the CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) Office in Zambia

has planned for full staffing at 53 positions in FY2008, an increase of 4 technical and 1 administrative

support staff (see USG Zambia Staff Matrix COP08). Presently, 45 of the 48 approved COP07 positions

have been filled or are awaiting security clearance. CDC is currently recruiting for the remaining three


The COP08 CDC staffing plan includes 6 USDH that are comprised of the Chief of Party, Deputy Director,

Chief of Epidemiology and Strategic Information, Chief of Laboratory Infrastructure, Senior Epidemiologist

for Operational Research, and Public Health Advisor. One new USDH position is sought in COP 08. The

requested position would provide technical expertise in the areas of pediatric HIV/AIDS and prevention of

mother to child (PMTCT) activities, two of the highest priority program areas in Zambia. A further

breakdown of total staff requested includes 29 technical locally engaged and contract staff, 3 program

management staff, and 14 locally engaged administrative support staff, including 7 drivers. In the attached

supporting documents a full USG PEPFAR Zambia organizational chart is attached. The specific disciplines

of technical staff were determined through an interagency staffing for results process that allows for

complementary staffing across agencies. While some technical positions in program areas are duplicative

for agencies, that duplicity is based on the total size of COP08 programming and the minimum time required

to adequately monitor field work of partners and providing technical assistance to the GRZ.

M&S costs are inclusive of rent for offices and warehouse space, utilities, office operational costs, office

equipment, travel for M&S staff, training for M&S staff, relocation costs of 5 USDH positions expected in

FY08, residential leases and post allowances for 6 USDH positions, security services for offices, 1 new

vehicle for increased CDC Zambia technical staff field support, and increased communications costs related

to staff growth. Operational costs for three field offices within the provincial health office structure in

Eastern, Western and Southern provinces are also included. The majority of the technical staff work in

more than three technical program areas, so all salaries have been included in this M&S request, as is

consistent with the COP 08 Staffing for Results guidance. This COP08 submission does not include HQ TA

support in keeping with COP08 guidance that this will be funded through the Headquarters Operational Plan