Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2013 2014

Details for Mechanism ID: 16817
Country/Region: Vietnam
Year: 2014
Main Partner: Management Sciences for Health
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $0 Additional Pipeline Funding: N/A

NOTE: The following is taken from summaries released by PEPFAR on the PEPFAR Data Dashboard. They are incomplete summary paragraphs only and do not contain the full mechanism details. When the full narratives are released, we will update the mechanism pages accordingly.

In August 2012 the Leadership, Management & Governance-Transition Support Project (LMG-TSP) was launched in Vietnam under the headquarters-managed LMG project. LMG-TSP was designed to support the transition of Vietnam’s HIV/AIDS response to greater country ownership and sustainability by facilitating evidence-based transition approaches in the areas of leadership, human resources and financing. LMG-TSP was established to serve as a resource to the PEPFAR team, VAAC and other stakeholders during a period of changing roles and responsibilities for the country’s HIV program. During the first year, a number of avenues were pursued to facilitate discussion around transition; to improve human resource planning; and to explore issues related to country financing. LMG-TSP has helped to develop, manage and analyze PEPFAR HRH inventory for COP Planning and transition planning. The project itself experienced significant challenges throughout implementation, as the roadmap for transition remained a challenging process, with diverse thinking among both Government and development partners about what transition means and at what pace it might proceed. LMG-TSP’s focus in year two is more specific to developing better tools and building capacity for evidence-informed planning in one province (Hai phong), that builds the planning capacity of PAC, DOH and VAAC officials; leads to better human resource and health financing planning; and results in a planning model that can be scaled up to other provinces. The project will close out in September 2014. All results and best practices will be shared with the PEPFAR Join Planning Team for future use and adaptation in other provinces, and the PEPFAR HRH database will be handed over to the PEPFAR Coordinator's Office.

Mechanism Allocation by Budget Code for Selected Year
Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS) $0
Mechanism Target Information

Since COP2014, PEPFAR no longer produces narratives for every mechanism it funds. However, PEPFAR has now included performance targets or indicator information for each mechanism based on the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) system. The MER guidance is available on PEPFAR's website Note that COP years 2014-2015 were under a previous version of the MER system and the indicators and definitions may have changed as of the new 2.0 guidance.

This mechanism has no published performance targets or indicators.