Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 5104
Country/Region: Vietnam
Year: 2007
Main Partner: University of North Carolina
Main Partner Program: Carolina Population Center
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $290,000

Funding for Strategic Information (HVSI): $290,000

This activity is linked to HVSI HCMC-PAC (9243), HVSI MOH/VAAC (9376), HVSI HSPH (9242), and HVSI NIHE (9244).

PEPFAR will support the University of North Carolina/MEASURE Evaluation program to provide technical assistance (TA) to GVN and international TWGs in data harmonization spanning activities from community-based programs to national M&E systems. This activity will build on FY06 financed activities to support alignment of facility and community-based, provincial, and national information and reporting systems, provider-based provincial systems and M&E activities for the achievement of the Third One, one coordinated country level monitoring and evaluation system.

The partner will work closely with MOH/VAAC, national working groups, and international donors to identify historical data systems as well as to help facilitate the convergence of planned systems. UNC/MEASURE will support data harmonization in Vietnam by working with VAAC to convene consensus building workshops, identify and resource TA from harmonization experts, and develop and implement a data harmonization workplan. Harmonization will be achieved through both remapping of legacy data and the development of standards for information capture and interchange. This partner will work closely with the PEPFAR team to make sure that a single USG strategy is presented on all TWGs and steering committees.

One software solution or a single data table is not the desired outcome. Instead, the goal is to have systems supporting the various aspects of HIV/AIDS public health in Vietnam that can interchange information and feed forward into the National M&E System through the adoption of data standards. SI TA will be provided to 4 GVN implementing partners and 12 staff will be trained.

Subpartners Total: $75,000
Vietnam Committee for Population, Family and Children: $75,000