Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2008 2009

Details for Mechanism ID: 1270
Country/Region: Uganda
Year: 2009
Main Partner: Uganda Virus Research Institute
Main Partner Program: Medical Research Council of Uganda--Uganda Virus Research Initiative Uganda Research Unit on AIDS
Organizational Type: Host Country Government Agency
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $0

Funding for Strategic Information (HVSI): $0

This PHE activity 'Comparison of Facility and Home-Based Antiretroviral Therapy Delivery Systems in

Uganda' was approved for inclusion in the COP. The PHE tracking ID associated with activiy is


New/Continuing Activity: Continuing Activity

Continuing Activity: 13282

Continued Associated Activity Information

Activity Activity ID USG Agency Prime Partner Mechanism Mechanism ID Mechanism Planned Funds

System ID System ID

13282 4691.08 HHS/Centers for Medical Research 6432 1270.08 Randomized $650,000

Disease Control & Council of Uganda Trail of Home or

Prevention Facility - Based


8331 4691.07 HHS/Centers for Medical Research 4807 1270.07 $550,000

Disease Control & Council of Uganda


4691 4691.06 HHS/Centers for Medical Research 3438 1270.06 $450,000

Disease Control & Council of Uganda


Emphasis Areas

Human Capacity Development

Public Health Evaluation

Estimated amount of funding that is planned for Public Health Evaluation $0

Food and Nutrition: Policy, Tools, and Service Delivery

Food and Nutrition: Commodities

Economic Strengthening



Table 3.3.17:

Subpartners Total: $0
The AIDS Support Organization: NA
Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $0
Public Health Evaluation $0