Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 4828
Country/Region: Uganda
Year: 2007
Main Partner: Catholic Relief Services
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: FBO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $220,740

Funding for Sexual Prevention: Abstinence/Be Faithful (HVAB): $220,740

CRS Uganda Affirming life, Avoiding risk program will continue to work with a broad range of faith and community- based partners that share CRS's commitment to equip youth and married couples with the values, attitudes, skills and support to abstain from sex prior to marriage, revert to secondary abstinence and remain faithful in marriage. The goal of the project is to reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence among youth and adults in Uganda. Based on the results and achievements from FY06, as per the semi annual report , during which a total of 14149 individuals were reached via community outreach prevention programs that promote AB, 2119 individuals trained to promote AB and a total of 31 community outreaches , the program will continue to focus on a three fold approach which involves increasing individual skills for Behavior change, Increasing community discourse to allow for dialogue and lastly Assessing and scaling up best practices.

Increasing individual skills Skills for youth both in and out of school and adults particularly the parents, clergy and other religious leaders, community leaders and teachers will be improved through life skills trainings and workshops. This will be with the use of 3 standard curricula which include Education for Life, PAPAS / In-Charge and the Faithful House. In FY06, 18 in-charge and PAPAS (Life skills curricula) trainers were trained, over the course of FY07, these 18 trainers will be responsible for training 450 in-charge/ PAPAS facilitators. The 450 facilitators will conduct 150 in-charge sessions in schools through which 3600 youth will be exposed to this life skills methodology. The education for life training will be conducted during the first quarter of the year by Sr. Kay Lawlor a Behavior change trainer. This training will yield 24 TOTs (4 trainers per diocese) who will train 450 youth facilitators (15 per parish- total number of parishes is 30) to conduct 48 life skills workshops and 225 adult facilitators (9 facilitators per parish) to conduct 24 adult life skills workshops respectively. In total the target for youth attending the life skills workshops is 2400 while adults are 1200. In order to strengthen the Be faithful component, during year 06, a total of 24 master trainers were trained in the Faithful House curriculum that targets mainly the married and cohabiting partners with the aim of building stronger families to Affirm life and Avoid risk. During FY07, the 24 trainers will train 300 facilitators( 10 per parish) who will conduct 30 life skills workshops targeting 720 couples/ married people.

During FY06, a total of 15 anti AIDS clubs with a total of 2250 members had been organized to mobilize and mentor youth for behavior change, in FY 07, CRS will continue to build the capacity of these clubs to provide effective programs. This will be done by providing the clubs with costumes, funds for implementing their activities, training for their leaders and IEC materials for information sharing with peers. The club will be trained in writing work plans and manage simple budgets. Through club activities the program is expected to reach out to 2250 youth in and out of school.

Increasing Community discourse: In increasing community discourse the centre for discussion will continue to focus on social norms and behaviors contributing towards HIV/AIDS infections and seeking solutions to overcome these barriers. The solutions sought will then help to inform the AB implementer of the best strategies to undertake. During the first half of FY06, the community group discussions reached out to a total of 886 adults. During FY07 the program will reach out to 2250 adults in 90 sessions. Music dance and drama show will continue to be staged for the community on a quarterly basis to provide youth with information about AB, share and receive information on prevention. A total of 10 music shows will be staged and targeting 5000 youth in and out of school. . 10 Debating sessions will also be conducted in schools as a new action point; these are estimated to target 3000 students. Retreats will continue to be organized for the Anti Aids club members to help them meet and share experiences, testimonies and mentor one another while at the same time have time for play. The 6 retreats organized are expected to reach out to 600 anti AIDS club members(youth)

In order to have consistent and standardized IEc materials for all our 6 sub partners, CRS is to hire a local communication consultant to develop AB messages that will be used as a guide in selecting IEc materials from other organizations producing and disseminating IEC materials. The IEC materials are expected to reach out to 6000 youth in and out of school.

Assess what works and scale-up Lessons learnt and promising practices observed during the implementation of AB activities will be shared at the annual diocesan meeting organized by the catholic secretariat. In this meeting which is scheduled for May 07 will provide an opportunity to share knowledge of what can work and also share ideas on how best to involve different influential groups with in our coverage area for purposes of sustainability of the program after completion.

Subpartners Total: $141,552
Catholic Church (Various Dioceses): $23,592
Gulu Archdiocese: $23,592
Mbarara Archdiocese: $23,592
Kasana Luwero Diocese: $23,592
Fortress for Women: $23,592
Catholic Church (Various Dioceses): $23,592