Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Details for Mechanism ID: 13013
Country/Region: Tanzania
Year: 2014
Main Partner: American Association of Blood Banks
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $300,000 Additional Pipeline Funding: N/A

NOTE: The following is taken from summaries released by PEPFAR on the PEPFAR Data Dashboard. They are incomplete summary paragraphs only and do not contain the full mechanism details. When the full narratives are released, we will update the mechanism pages accordingly.

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) is an international organization providing national level technical support to Tanzania National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) on strengthening centrally coordinated blood transfusion services, quality of blood and blood products in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. AABB has been providing TA to NBTS since 2006 on scale-up of NBTS services through the growth and use of initiatives that improve infrastructure and build a technically skilled workforce. AABB’s goals are linked to the NMSF III, GHI and the Partnership Framework. During COP 2014 and 2015, AABB will continue to provide TA to 7 zonal NBTS centers on attaining full accreditation by the African Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT). AABB will also continue providing TA on management, coordination, and implementation of national blood safety standards for donor selection, blood collection, laboratory testing and processing, transfusion practices, and monitoring and evaluation. NBTS will continue to receive TA from AABB to strengthen M&E and supportive supervision to the zonal centers. AABB activities are not measured with FY 2013 EA DSP UEs; however, expenditures reported were in line with programmatic priorities and approved budgets.

Mechanism Allocation by Budget Code for Selected Year
Biomedical Prevention: Blood Safety (HMBL) $300,000
Mechanism Target Information

Since COP2014, PEPFAR no longer produces narratives for every mechanism it funds. However, PEPFAR has now included performance targets or indicator information for each mechanism based on the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) system. The MER guidance is available on PEPFAR's website Note that COP years 2014-2015 were under a previous version of the MER system and the indicators and definitions may have changed as of the new 2.0 guidance.

This mechanism has no published performance targets or indicators.

Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $132,000
Human Resources for Health $132,000
Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
enumerations.Malaria (PMI)
Child Survival Activities
Safe Motherhood