Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Details for Mechanism ID: 12810
Country/Region: Tanzania
Year: 2013
Main Partner: Pact, Inc.
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $6,490,000

PACT Tanzania implements Pamoja Tuwalee, a 5 year cooperative agreement that aims to provide coordinated and sustainable care for most vulnerable children and households infected/affected with HIV in the Lake and Southern Zones of Tanzania targeting 55700 OVC with one core service, 27850 with food and/or nutrition service and 6960 households with economic opportunity/strengthening support in FY12. The objectives of the project are to increase local ownership and capacity to support OVC to access community-based care and support; strengthen the capacity of local government authorities and civil society to provide quality services to OVC and their households; and replicate effective multi-sectoral coordination structures that include the private sector at district and village levels. The program also contributes to the goal of the Partnership Framework, which aims to maintain and scale up services to reduce morbidity and mortality and improve the lives of Tanzanians affected by HIV/AIDS. The objectives also contribute to GHI Strategy IR1,2 and 3 that relates to increased access to quality maternal, child, and reproductive health services.

PACTs program approach contributes to the sustainability of service delivery to vulnerable households by strengthening LGA and civil society capacity. In addition, sustainability is built through PACTs use of the WORTH economic strengthening model as a platform to strengthen capacity of households and mobilize communities around critical issues.

PACT will continue to collect program data as identified in the M&E plan, which includes mandatory PEPFAR indicators. In FY12, PACT will also contribute to the evidence base by documenting experiences with pilots in child protection and child health integration models in the Lake Zone.

Funding for Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (HKID): $6,490,000

PACT Tanzania is an international organization that has implemented OVC programs in Tanzania with support from PEPFAR and Global Fund for more than five years. PACT Tanzania has implemented the Pamoja Tuwalee program in Southern and Lake Zones since FY 2010 and aims to strengthen OVC households and community safety nets. The program primarily supports the first goal of the Partnership Framework, which is related to service maintenance and scale up to improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV, particularly most vulnerable children (MVC). The project targets roughly 2,000 MVC households per district.

In FY 2012 and FY 2013, PACT will continue to support delivery of health and social services to vulnerable households through grants and technical assistance to local organizations. Areas of priority include use of PACTs WORTH model to strengthen household economies and mobilize community members around critical issues such as gender-based violence, child protection, and HIV prevention. PACT also plans to engage the private sector in supporting program activities, particularly in increasing and expanding WORTH groups and providing health and social service provision to vulnerable households.

In FY 2012, PACT will also support continued roll-out and strengthening of para-social workers in targeted districts and most vulnerable childrens committees (MVCC) at the community-level to coordinate care and support services for MVC and their households. In response to findings from a recent UNICEF supported Violence Against Children Report, the USG and URT have allocated additional resources to PACT in FY 2012 to pilot and assess a one-stop center model for child protection in Mwanza. The proposed model will build on their existing child protection activities and will contribute to building the evidence-base in effective child protection strategies. In addition, PACT will also be an implementing partner of the Lake Zone Integration Initiative, which aims to pilot a continuum of care approach for child health and development through establishment of strategic linkages between PACT (OVC), URC (child health) and Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative. Pact will also implement and assess gender-based violence activities with additional allocations from the global GBV initiative. Planned activities include developing safe havens for children who have experienced physical or sexual abuse and community sensitization efforts regarding the effects of abuse against women and children. In addition, PACT will train individuals that work at the district-level, including stakeholders, such as social welfare officers, police, teachers, and prison staff, to address child abuse and gender-based violence.

In FY 2013, PACT will also expand activities into the Southern Highlands Zone and serve OVC beneficiaries previously supported by the Walter Reed Program/Department of Defense (WRP/DoD). This transition will involve an increase of $2.74 million in PACTs budget from the WRP/DoD activity. Transition and start-up activities in Southern Highlands will commence early in FY 2012 to ensure continuity of services for the OVC beneficiaries. PACT will work closely with the WRP/DoD to assess the capacity of the current sub partners in order to identify sub grantees which will continue to implement the program.

Subpartners Total: $0
Christian Council of Tanzania: NA
Human Development Trust - Tanzania: NA
Help Age International: NA
Tabora Development Foundation Trust: NA
Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention Trust: NA
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: NA
Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $450,000
Economic Strengthening $100,000
Gender: Gender Based Violence (GBV) $350,000