Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011

Details for Mechanism ID: 10989
Country/Region: Tanzania
Year: 2011
Main Partner: Academy for Educational Development
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $650,000

Funding for Care: Adult Care and Support (HBHC): $250,000

AED through FANTA II is the National nutritional TA partner for USG, Tanzania. In FY 2011 FANTA-II will continue to provide TA to other implementing partners, including community-based partners. FANTA-II will expand nutritional assessment and counselling & support to meet the PFIP commitment and track the URT commitment to nutritional support for PLHIVs and OVCs. Nutrition wraparounds, using the community as an entry level response to the nutrition need of PLHAs and OVCs will be emphased. Coordination with UNICEF Community Based Management of Malnutrition (CMAM) and WFP food assistance will also increase, and there will be joint programming at the implementation level for supplies, trainings, education and sensitization. FANTA-II will print the necessary tools to aid nutritional assessment, classification and counselling at facility and community level. This is a national activity with a focus in Dar es Salaam, Iringa, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Mbeya, Morogoro, Dodoma, Pwani, and Rukwa regions. The funding cut is due to a longer pipeline. Funding will be restored in FY 2012 planning.

Funding for Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (HKID): $200,000

1) Provide TA on Food and nutrition for OVC IPs nationally. 2) Work with CONSENUTH to scale up implementation of the community nutrition program in operational regions. 3)Strengthen two way referral systems for OVCs between facility and community in operational regions

Funding for Biomedical Prevention: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT): $200,000

FANTA will:-

(1) Support the provision of therapeutic and supplementary food to support for clinically malnourished patients (Food by Prescription Programs) and malnourished HIV positive pregnant and lactating women;

(2) Link to community based care and support services, including food security and economic strengthening;

(3) Support the provision of infant feeding counseling based on WHO and national infant feeding guidelines;

(4) Assess diet, anthropometric status (weight and height for age, mid-upper arm circumference and body mass index) and related symptoms (appetite, nausea, thrush, diarrhea);

(5) Support the provision of a daily multi-micronutrient supplement for children whose diet is unlikely to meet vitamin and mineral requirements;

(6)Support the provision of Vitamin A and zinc supplements

Subpartners Total: $0
Centre for Counselling on Nutrition and Health: NA
Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre: NA
Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $650,000
Food and Nutrition: Policy, Tools, and Service Delivery $650,000
Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Increasing women's access to income and productive resources
Child Survival Activities