Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011

Details for Mechanism ID: 7243
Country/Region: Tanzania
Year: 2010
Main Partner: Deloitte Consulting Limited
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $16,267,046

Funding for Care: Adult Care and Support (HBHC): $1,780,000

Deloitte will provide facility based care services which include the integration of the Positive Prevention services. Deloitte will support nutritional assessment and counseling in all supported facilities as well as improve linkages with other services, including home based care in the following regions: Morogoro, Dodoma, Iringa, and Singida.

Funding for Treatment: Adult Treatment (HTXS): $9,130,000

With technical assistance from FHI, Deloite implement ART activities in 4 regions, Morogoro, Dodoma, Iringa and Singida through the Tunajali program. Tunajali shall continue to support ongoing treatment services in existing CTCs. Currently they cover 29027 patients on treatement. Tunajali shall provide performance-based grants to health facilities, ensuring that CTCs in hospitals and health centers meet the minimum standards of care.The program will further increase the number of HIV+ clients on ART through recruitment of eligible clients from in-patient and outpatient settings by stepping up provider-initiated testing and counseling (PITC), particularly in maternal and child health (MCH), PMTCT, and also strengthening linkages with voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) settings. The program will follow up on ART patients lost to follow up will be strengthened through home-based care programs and linkages to other key support programs.

As much efforts are done in TB/HIV and prevention program including PITC and PMTCT we expect an increase in number of new HIV positive patients refered to existing Care and Treatment Clinic. Additional funds will be used to support passive growth of approximately 700 new patients coming to existing Care and treament clinic managed by FHI Deloite in Morogoro, Iringa, Dodoma and Singida regions.

Funding for Care: Pediatric Care and Support (PDCS): $228,000

Deloitte will maintain and improve the quality of existing pediatric HIV care services. This will be achieved through the provision of CTX, screening, and treatment for OIs. Deloitte will support nutritional assessment and link with other programs such as OVC and HBC, PMTCT, and TB/HIV. The services will be provided in the following regions: Iringa, Singida, Morogoro, and Dodoma.

Funding for Treatment: Pediatric Treatment (PDTX): $912,000

Deloitte will maintain and improve the quality of existing pediatric services. This will be achieved through supportive supervision visits, in-service training which includes on-site mentoring, infrastructure development, and supplies of essential commodities, including drugs. The services will be provided in Iringa, Dodoma, Singida, and Morogoro.

Funding for Biomedical Prevention: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT): $3,650,000

Deloitte will continue to implement PMTCT services in Morogoro and Singida and then take over Dodoma sites from the Abbott Foundation in 2010. Total number of districts in these regions is 15. ANC prevelance in the regions are : Dodoma 6.1%, Morogoro 4.0%, Singida 2.3%. Current facility coverage is: Morogoro39% and Singida 62%.

This is low coverage and more sites can be covered (Dodoma sites taken over from Abbott). Implementation will include the basic PMTCT package, expansion of MECR, roll out of new M&E system, and adoption of the new computerized (pilot tested) sytem.

Activities to be supported using base funding

The program will scale-up PMTCT services to cover 80% of the facilities providing RCH services in Morogoro, Iringa Dodoma and Singida regions. Deloite will provide grants to respective districts and these services will include but not be limited to: HIV testing (in ANC, L&D), including partner testing, Counseling on infant feeding options (IF), Strengthen counseling on FP methods to HIV+ mothers during postpartum visits, offer HIV testing at the FP clinic and offer referrals to CTC and vice versa, Clinical staging of the HIV+ pregnant women at the RCH clinic by the PMTCT service providers with linkages to CTC, Rolling out of more efficacious regimen to facilities with the capacities, Provision of ART prophylaxis to HIV+ pregnant women who are not eligible for HAART, Provision of Cotrimoxazole to all eligible pregnant women and exposed infants, Conduct PMTCT outreach services in hard to reach areas, Quarterly supportive supervision by the RHMT to ensure quality of services. In collaboration with MOH, bi-annual supportive supervision will also be done in both regions.

Deloite will collaborate with community support groups including M2M program to form psychosocial support groups, which will provide psychosocial support and increase adherence and retention to care. Expert patients will carry out non-medic chores in the facilities.

In addition, mother to mother program and other partners within the regions will follow up mother-infant pairs in the community.

The programs will Renovations, procurement and materials as follows:

Renovate and equip facilities to provide space for offering integrated PMTCT services. Deloite will ensure availability of HIV test kits by procuring to fill gaps, ensure adequate supply of drugs for more efficacious regimen, based on needs, support printing and distribution of IEC materials and job aids.

The program will also train nurses, nurse midwives and other cadres in PMTCT, IF, drug monitoring and stock outs, including WHO staging.

The program will carry out Mentoring of HCW and support use of retired nurses to provide integrated PMTCT services in the region

It will ensure guidelines and M & E tools are available, improve data collection systems, and train service providers on filling of the PMTCT monitoring tool.

The program will strengthen and facilitate RHMT annual review meetings, formation and integration of regional PMTCT task forces into Reproductive and child health. Support regional quarterly partners meeting and strengthening linkages and referrals.

Activities to be supported using PF Funding

Deloite will work with Reproductive health partners and with the respective districts, Deloite will carry out facility infrastructure improvement after carrying out facility audit; subsequently they will renovate and equip facilities to provide space for offering integrated PMTCT services at RCHC and L&D, FP, FANC and BEmoc

Deloite will Improve conditions in the maternity wards so as to attract more women to deliver at the facilities by procuring appropriate equipments such as delivery beds/kits, suction machines, weighing scales, protective gears etc.

Deloite will strengthen PMTCT-ART Integration by supporting Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries to develop capacity to provide more efficacious PMTCT regimen, training PMTCT HCP at RCH on ART so that they can refill ARV drugs at the RCH; Ensure availability of PMTCT guidelines and job aids; Support transportation of CD4 samples of HIV+ pregnant women; Ensure availability of PMTCT M&E tools and Integrate HIV counseling and testing in all the RCH services, including Pediatric wards

Deloite will focus on community and demand creation activities that include: sensitize the community through different media on the improved MCHC/RCHC services with emphasis on PMTCT, EID services and FP), Engage men through different avenues to participate in RCH services (use of invitation letters, priority treatment, through involvement of village authorities etc), Collaborate with Mother to Mother program to establish psychosocial support groups in the 4 regions. Deloite will also integrate its FP program and link with partners supporting Emergency obstetrics, new born and pediatric health and cervical cancer screening services.

Deloite will ensure program ownership and sustainability by working with districts to ensure that PMTCT/pediatric AIDS activities are planned and prioritized and funding allocated through the Council Health Plans.

Funding for Laboratory Infrastructure (HLAB): $217,046

Deloitte will continue to build the capacity of more laboratories in the 4 regions (Dodoma, Iringa, Singida, and Morogoro) to conduct HIV disease monitoring and testing by providing training and equipment. All testing laboratories will be supported to implement quality control systems and management. Laboratory staff will be trained on information systems and lab management systems

Mentorship at District levels

Funding for Care: TB/HIV (HVTB): $350,000

Deloitte will continue to implement activities to reduce the burden of TB among PLHIV. An additional $50,000 will be used to improve coverage in Iringa (where the HIV prevalence is high at 15.7%) by improving referral systems and by collaborating with other HIV related programs. There will not be separate reporting targets for this additional $50,000. Deloitte will continue to provide services in the 4 regions (Iringa, Dodoma, Singida, and Morogoro).

Subpartners Total: $0
Allamano Health Centre: NA
Bahi Health Center: NA
Berega Mission Hospital: NA
Berega Mission Hospital: NA
Biro Dispensary: NA
Bomani Dispensary: NA
Bosco Dispensary: NA
Bulongwa Lutheran Hospital: NA
Bungu Dispensary: NA
Busi Health Centre: NA
Bwakila Chini Dispensary: NA
Bwakila Juu Dispensary: NA
Chamwino District Council: NA
Chemchem RC Dispensary: NA
Chibumagwa Health Centre: NA
Chikola Dispensary: NA
Chikombo Dispensary: NA
Chikuyu Dispensary: NA
Chipanga Health Centre: NA
Chirombola Dispensary: NA
Chissano Dispensary: NA
Chita JKT Dispensary: NA
Choda Dispensary: NA
Allamano Consolata Sisters Centre: NA
Diagwa RCdispensary: NA
Diguzi Dispensary: NA
Dodoma Regional Hospital: NA
Doromoni Dispensary: NA
Dumila Dispensary: NA
Dungunji dispensary: NA
Duthumi Health Center: NA
Ebuyu Dispensary: NA
Fulwe Dispensary: NA
Gairo Health Center: NA
Ghalunyangu dispensary: NA
Glansoni dispensary: NA
Gumanga Dispensary: NA
Gurungu Dispensary: NA
Hamai Health center: NA
Handali Health Center: NA
Haneti Health Center: NA
Hogolo Health Center: NA
Hombolo Health Center: NA
Iambi ELCT Dispensary: NA
Iambi ELCT Mission Hospital: NA
Iambi Lutheran Hospital: NA
Idete Dispensary: NA
Idodi Health Centre: NA
Idodyandole Dispensary: NA
Idunda Dispensary: NA
Ifyagi Health Centre: NA
Igauri dispensary: NA
Igawa Dispensary: NA
Igombwe dispensary: NA
Igori Health Centre: NA
Igota Dispensary: NA
Iguguno Dispensary: NA
Iguguno Health Center: NA
Iguguno RC Mission Dispensary: NA
Igumbilo Dispensary: NA
Igwamadete Dispensary: NA
Ihanja Health Centre: NA
Ihowanja Dispensary: NA
Ikasi Dispensary: NA
Ikhanoda dispensary: NA
Ikiwu Dispensary: NA
Ikungi Health Centre: NA
Ikungi Health Centre: NA
Ikuwo Health Center: NA
Ilembula Lutheran Hospital : NA
Ilonga Dispensary: NA
Ilongero Health Center: NA
Ilongero Health Center: NA
Ilula Lutheran Hospital: NA
Ipelele Health Center: NA
Ipogolo Health Center: NA
Iragua Dispensary: NA
Iringa Regional Hospital: NA
Irisya Dispensary: NA
Isanzu ELCT Dispensary: NA
Ishinsi Dispensary: NA
Isimani Health Center: NA
Isseke Dispensary: NA
Issuna dispensary: NA
Itagata Dispensary: NA
Itaja dispensary: NA
Itete Dispensary: NA
Itigi Health Centre: NA
Kalangakero Dispensary: NA
Kasanga Health Center: NA
Kaselya Dispensary: NA
Kassanga Health Centre: NA
Katulukila Mission Dispensary: NA
Ketaketa Dispensary: NA
Kibaigwa Health Center: NA
Kibakwe Health Center: NA
Kibaoni Health Center: NA
Kiberege Prison Dispensary: NA
Kiberege Rural Dispensary: NA
Kibigiri Dispensary: NA
Kibogwa Dispensary: NA
Kibungo Chini Dispensary: NA
Kibungo juu Dispensary: NA
Kichangani Dispensary: NA
Kidabaga Health Center: NA
Kidaru Dispensary: NA
Kidete Dispensary: NA
Kidodi Health Centre: NA
Kidogo basi Dispensary: NA
Kidugala Health Centre: NA
Kidugala Health Centre: NA
Kidunda Dispensary: NA
Kikhonda Dispensary: NA
Kikombo Health Center: NA
Kikundi Dispensary: NA
Kilimatinde Hospital: NA
Kilombero Health Centre: NA
Kilombero Sugar Company: NA
Kilosa District Hospital: NA
Kilundwa Dispensary: NA
Kimamba Health Center: NA
Kinampanda ELCT Dispensary: NA
Kingolwira Health Center: NA
Kinole Dispensary: NA
Kintinku Health Centre: NA
Kintinku Health Centre: NA
Kinyangigi Dispensary: NA
Kinyangiri Health centre: NA
Kinyeto Dispensary: NA
Kiomboi District Hospital: NA
Kipengele Health Center: NA
Kiponzero Health Center: NA
Kiroka Dispensary: NA
Kirumi Dispensary: NA
Kisaki Gomero Dispensary: NA
Kisaki Station Dispensary: NA
Kisawasawa dispensary: NA
Kisemu Dispensary: NA
Kisesa Health Centre: NA
Kisharita Dispensary: NA
Kisiriri Dispensary: NA
Kitandaa dispensary: NA
Kivukoni Dispensary: NA
Kiwanja Cha Ndege: NA
Kizuka JWTZ Dispensary: NA
Kolero Dispensary: NA
Kondoa District Hospital: NA
Kongwa District Hospital: NA
Kwamtoro Health Center: NA
Kyengege Mission Dispensary: NA
Londoni Dispensary: NA
Ludewa District Council: NA
Lugala Lutheran Hospital: NA
Lugoda Tea Estates Hospital: NA
Luhombero Dispensary: NA
Lukande Dispensary: NA
Lukange Dispensary: NA
Lumba Chini Dispensary: NA
Lundi Dispensary: NA
Luono Dispensary: NA
Lupembe Health Center: NA
Lupila Health Center: NA
Lupiro Health Center: NA
Luponde Health Center: NA
Lyelembo Dispensary: NA
Madunda Health Center: NA
Mafiga Health Center: NA
District Hosptial, Mafinga: NA
Magereza Dispensary: NA
Maginda Dispensary: NA
Magogoni Dispensary: NA
Magole Dispensary: NA
Magomeni Dispensary: NA
Magubike Health Centre: NA
Magubike Health Centre: NA
Mahenge District Hospital: NA
Majiri Dispensary: NA
Makambako Health Centre: NA
Makanda Dispensary: NA
Makasuku Dispensary: NA
District Hospital, Makete: NA
Makiungu Hospital: NA
Makole Health centre: NA
Makonde Health Center: NA
Makotea Dispensary: NA
Makuru Dispensary: NA
Makutopora Dispensary: NA
Malangali Health Center: NA
Malinyi Dispensary: NA
Mampata Dispensary: NA
Manda Health Center: NA
Mangonyi dispensary: NA
Mangua Mitogo Dispensary: NA
Mangula Health Centre: NA
Mangula Health Centre: NA
Manyoni District Hospital: NA
Marera Dispensary: NA
Mataja Dispensary: NA
Matamba Health Center: NA
Matambwe Dispensary: NA
Matare dispensary: NA
Matombo Mission Dispensary: NA
Matongo Dispensary: NA
Matuli Dispensary: NA
Matumbo Dispensary: NA
Matumbulu Health Center: NA
Mbelekese Dispensary: NA
Mbingu Dispensary: NA
Mbuga Dispensary: NA
Mchombe Dispensary: NA
Mdabulo Health Centre: NA
Mdilu Dispensary: NA
Melela Health Center: NA
Merya ELCT Dispensary: NA
Mfumbwe Dispensary: NA
Mgandu Dispensary: NA
Mgeta Health centre: NA
Mgolole Health Center: NA
Mgololo Health Center: NA
Mgongo Health centre: NA
Mgori Healthcentre: NA
Mgungira dispensary: NA
Michenga Dispensary: NA
Mifulu Dispensary: NA
Miganga Dispensary: NA
Mikese Dispensary: NA
Mingela Dispensary: NA
Mirembe Referral Hospital: NA
Misigiri dispensary: NA
Misiko Dispensary: NA
Misughaa dispensary: NA
Mitundu Dispensary: NA
Mitundu Health Center: NA
Mkalama Health Centre: NA
Mkamba Dispensary: NA
Mkambarani Dispensary: NA
Mkiwa RC dispensary: NA
Mkoka Health Center: NA
Mkulu ELCT Dispensary: NA
Mkuyuni Dispensary: NA
Mkwese Dispensary: NA
Mlali Dispensary: NA
Mlali Health Center: NA
Mlangali Health Center: NA
Mlilingwa Dispensary: NA
Mlimba Health Center: NA
Mlola Dispensary: NA
Mngeta Health centre: NA
Mofu Dispensary: NA
Morogoro Regional Hospital: NA
Morogoro Regional Hospital: NA
Mpambala Dispensary: NA
Mpanga Dispensary: NA
Mpora Dispensary: NA
Mpwapwa District Hospital: NA
Mpwayungu Health center: NA
Mrangu RC Mission Dispensary: NA
Msange Dispensary: NA
Msingi Dispensary: NA
Msolwa Station Dispensary: NA
Msolwa Ujamaa Dispensary: NA
Msonge Dispensary: NA
Msosa Dispensary: NA
Msowero Dispensary: NA
Msungua Dispensary: NA
Mtamaa Dispensary: NA
Mtandika Health Centre: NA
Mtego wa Simba Dispensary: NA
Mtekente Dispensary: NA
Mtibwa Sugar Estates Hospital: NA
Mtibwa Sugar Estates Hospital: NA
Mtimbira Health Center: NA
Mtipa Dispensary: NA
Mtitaa Health Center: NA
Mtoa Dispensary: NA
Mtombozi Dispensary: NA
Mtunduru Dispensary: NA
Mtwike Dispensary: NA
Mudida Dispensary: NA
Mugazi Dispensary: NA
Mughamo Dispensary: NA
Mughunga Dispensary: NA
Muhintiri Dispensary: NA
Mundemu Health Center: NA
Mvae Dispensary: NA
Mvomero Dispensary: NA
Mvuha Dispensary: NA
Mvumi Dispensary: NA
Mvumi Mission Hospital: NA
Mwageza Dispensary: NA
Mwamagembe Dispensary: NA
Mwankoko Dispensary: NA
Mwaru dispensary: NA
Mwaya Health Center: NA
Mwisi Dispensary: NA
Mzinga Hospital: NA
Mzumbe University: NA
Namawala Dispensary: NA
Ndago Health Centre: NA
Ndago Health Centre: NA
Ndala Dispensary: NA
Nduamughanga Dispensary: NA
Ndulungu Dispensary: NA
Ndunguti Dispensary: NA
Ngalimila Dispensary: NA
Ngerengere Health Center: NA
Ngerengere Health Center: NA
Ngimu Dispensary: NA
Ngome Health Center: NA
Njirii Dispensary: NA
Njombe District Hospital: NA
Njombe Town Council Health Centre: NA
Nkinto Dispensary: NA
Nkonko Dispensary: NA
Nkuhi dispensary: NA
Nkuhi dispensary: NA
Nkwae Dispensary: NA
Ntumbi Dispensary: NA
Ntuntu Dispensary: NA
Nyingwa Dispensary: NA
Pangawe JWTZ: NA
Pangawe Sisal Dispensary: NA
Police Dispensary: NA
Puma Dispensary: NA
Pwaga Health Center: NA
Riziki Maternity Home Care: NA
Ruaha Dispensary: NA
Rubeho Dispensary: NA
Rudewa Dispensary: NA
Rudi Health Centre: NA
Ruhembe Dispensary: NA
Rungwa Dispensary: NA
Ruruma Dispensary: NA
Saba Saba Health Center: NA
Saba Saba Health Center: NA
Service and Development Agency: NA
St. Carolous Hospital: NA
Sambaru dispensary: NA
Sangasanga JWTZ Dispensary: NA
Sanjaranda Dispensary: NA
Sanje Dispensary: NA
Sanza Dispensary: NA
Saranda Dispensary: NA
Sasilo Dispensary: NA
SepukaHealth Centre: NA
Shalom Hospital: NA
Shalom Medical Centre: NA
Shelui dispensary: NA
Signali Dispensary: NA
Simbanguru Dispensary: NA
Singa Dispensary: NA
Singida Regional Hospital: NA
Singida Dispensary: NA
Sofi Majimaji Dispensary: NA
Sofi Majimaji Dispensary: NA
Sokoine Health Centre: NA
Sokoine Health Centre: NA
Sokoine University of Agriculture Mazimbu Hospital: NA
Sonjo Dispensary: NA
St. Carolous Hospital: NA
St Gasper Itigi Hospital: NA
St. Gema Health Centre: NA
St. Francis Designated District Hospital: NA
St. Francis Designated District Hospital: NA
St. Gasper RC Mission Hospital, Itigi: NA
St. John's Hospital, Lugarawa: NA
St. Joseph RC Dispensary: NA
St. Kizito Hospital: NA
St. Kizito Mikumi Hospital: NA
St. Luke's Hospital, Milo: NA
Sokoine University of Agriculture Mazimbu Hospital: NA
Sukamahele Dispensary: NA
Tanesco Kidatu Dispensary: NA
Tanesco Kihansi Dispensary: NA
Tanga Dispensary: NA
Tanwat Hospital: NA
Tawa Health Centre: NA
Taweta dispensary: NA
Tegetero Dispensary: NA
Tosamaganga DDH: NA
Towero Dispensary: NA
Tulo Dispensary: NA
Tulya ELCT Dispensary: NA
Tununguo Dispensary: NA
Tupendane Dispensary: NA
Turiani Mission Hospital: NA
Tyeme ELCT Dispensary: NA
Uchindile Dispensary: NA
Ughandi Dispensary: NA
Uhamaka Dispensary: NA
Uhasibu Dispensary: NA
Uhuru Health: NA
Ulaya Health Centre: NA
Ulemo dispensary: NA
Unyambwa Dispensary: NA
Unyamikumbi Dispensary: NA
Urughu Dispensary: NA
Usokami Health Centre: NA
Usure Dispensary: NA
Utengule Dispensary: NA
Village of Hope: NA
Visaraka Dispensary: NA
Wembere ELCT Dispensary: NA
Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Addressing male norms and behaviors
Increasing gender equity in HIV/AIDS activities and services
Child Survival Activities
Safe Motherhood
Family Planning