Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 4559
Country/Region: Tanzania
Year: 2007
Main Partner: Mildmay International
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: FBO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $350,000

Funding for Care: Adult Care and Support (HBHC): $350,000

This activity will be linked with Pathfinder's activities (#7785). The activity strengthens the quality of home-based care (HBC) through training health-care professionals using the Mildmay Diploma and HBC focused short courses, and also scaling up Mildmay's existing HBC work in the Kilimanjaro region, helping to increase service capacity across several regions. These activities were initiated with FY06 plus-up funds, and have just started.

The Mildmay HBC program is designed to develop a strong, holistic model of home-based care that supports the Tanzanian Government's National Plan and can be replicated in other districts. A critical ingredient in this program includes working with the Regional Medical Office and with district health managers and faith-based hospitals thus ensuring a continuum of care.

With FY07 funds, the program will build sustainable capacity within the existing health care system by training health professionals on the Mildmay Diploma in the care and management of people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as with short courses. The activity will continue to mobilize and sensitize senior management on best practices and current thinking/science on home-based palliative care. It will also develop and encourage local ownership through stakeholder workshops, including visits to other Mildmay projects to share experiences and lessons learned.

The activity will also work to strengthen replicable community models of home-based care for adults and vulnerable children, using Moshi Rural, Moshi Urban, Same and Rombo, as the program "showcase" sites, especially for improving referrals between the health system and the community, ensuring adherence, follow-up, and supportive care. This pilot will expand new HBC services and develop linkages with existing programs that will support and strengthen anti retro-viral treatment (ART), prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services in these four districts. The community model would also aim to reduce stigma and discrimination through the involvement of the wider community in participatory action research and in the design and delivery of interventions. Presently there are no other established HBC programs that serve the Rombo and Same PMTCT plus sites that were initiated by Columbia University with USG funding.

Specifically, the activity will support Mildmay's modular Diploma in HIV/AIDS care and management including a training of trainers component module. Eight senior health professionals (two from each district mentioned above) who have already received some training and are currently attending a part-time diploma training course at the Mildmay Centre in Uganda and the Mildmay supported Kenya Medical training College (in Kisumu, Kenya) will be trained as trainers. This modular diploma provides graduates with management and leadership skills to co-ordinate HBC services at the district or regional level. These health care professionals have already completed the first six months of this 18-month modular diploma and FY07 funding will ensure they can complete the full curriculum.

The activity will support 2 workshops in Same and Moshi Urban for up to 20 senior managers selected from local government in the four districts and mission health institutions, as well as stakeholders from other sectors). These workshops will build upon work initiated in FY06. These workshops will ensure senior managers in local and regional health care institutions and departments and ministries are informed, engaged, and sensitized to the aims and objectives of the program. This training will help ensure support for participating staff in program implementation and also assist in challenging and combating issues of stigma and discrimination.

For students who have completed a HBC modular short-course in FY06, small grants will be provided to develop new HBC services and scale up existing ones. The funding will support the active involvement of HIV positive people in the design and delivery of these HBC services, such as training on public speaking skills, HBC, and living positively. Mildmay will provide technical support and financial management of these small sub-grants to ensure performance is well monitored. These small grants are to help accelerate development of HBC services in the surrounding communities to serve the patients who do not have access to other HBC services, and especially those who need referral to Rombo or Same.

The final component is the creation of a patient support center (PSC). One PSC will be opened in FY06 in the Same District. FY 07 funding will continue to support the running of this PSC, helping provide a range of support services and acting as a referral hub for HBC within the districts, thereby supporting an unbroken continuum of care.

Subpartners Total: $0
Kikundi Cha Wanawake Kilimanjaro Kupambana Na Ukimwi: NA
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre: NA
Regional Medical Office: NA
Rainbow Centre : NA