Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 12475
Country/Region: South Sudan
Year: 2010
Main Partner: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Implementing Agency
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $100,000

It is not yet known what the mechansim will be to support the surveillance activity to better identify the

epidemic in Southern Sudan. Depending on the scope of work for the work to be done, the mechanism

could be a contract or a cooperative agreement. The purpose will be to develop, coordinate, implement a

survey, possibly using the RARE methodology and in collaboration with in-country parnters, that will

provide data and information to inform the Sudan team of where new infections are occuring and in what

populations. The scope of the survey is under discussion and will better define this activity.

Funding for Strategic Information (HVSI): $100,000

Support to conduct a surveillance activity to better identify the causes of the epidemic in a specific region

and/or population in southern Sudan. It is expected that the RARE methodology would be utilized.