Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 17772
Country/Region: Namibia
Year: 2014
Main Partner: Johns Hopkins University
Main Partner Program: JHPIEGO
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: USDOD
Total Funding: $0 Additional Pipeline Funding: $250,000

NOTE: The following is taken from summaries released by PEPFAR on the PEPFAR Data Dashboard. They are incomplete summary paragraphs only and do not contain the full mechanism details. When the full narratives are released, we will update the mechanism pages accordingly.

This mechanism supports the Ministry of Defence/Namibia Defense Force (MOD/NDF) in providing 10,000 circumcisions to military personnel, their families and surrounding civilian communities in selected regions of Namibia. Capacity building embedded in the program will facilitate the transition of program ownership to MOD/NDF. The program aligns with the Namibia Global Health Initiative 2011-2015/16, which points to the urgency of addressing human resource challenges through staff and capacity building for improvement in health care services. This mechanism will support MOD/NDF to develop a comprehensive plan for reaching military men through the establishment of static and satellite outreach VMMC services in and around military sites. PEPFAR will support capacity building, logistics, demand-generation, implementation of models for optimizing volume and efficiency, M&E, and transition planning. The program will collaborate with DOD partners’ I-TECH and SFH to implement VMMC and coordinate demand generation directed at new and existing military personnel. A program-supported M&E plan will build capacity in utilizing data for decision-making, program planning, monitoring and advocacy. This program will leverage existing NDF resources, such as NDF tents for additional space during campaigns, HIV test kits, and other VMMC consumables and supplies. Additionally, this program will advocate that MOD/NDF include a budget line for VMMC supplies in their annual budget so that resources are available to continue VMMC services. This program will also ensure that MOD/NDF staffs participate in supportive supervision visits and mentoring as part of capacity building and long-term sustainability. These elements combined will ensure human resource sustainability of the project.

Mechanism Allocation by Budget Code for Selected Year
Biomedical Prevention: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (CIRC) $0
Mechanism Target Information

Since COP2014, PEPFAR no longer produces narratives for every mechanism it funds. However, PEPFAR has now included performance targets or indicator information for each mechanism based on the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) system. The MER guidance is available on PEPFAR's website Note that COP years 2014-2015 were under a previous version of the MER system and the indicators and definitions may have changed as of the new 2.0 guidance.

This mechanism has no published performance targets or indicators.

Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Military Populations