Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 13665
Country/Region: Namibia
Year: 2013
Main Partner: Abt Associates
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $0

>>New Narrative for Oct 2011 Reprogramming: This Associate Award allows continuation of critical activities initiated under Health Systems 20/20 Leader award (due to end in September 2012 with activities winding down in July 2012).

In Namibia, the Assosciate Award will be focused to improve health system performance largely in four key areas (1) health financing, (2) Human Resources for health, (3) Health information systems (largely organizational development aspects) and (4) governance and (5)operations. The project team brings together an exceptional pool of professionals with depth and experience in capacity building, governance, finance and operations.

Health system strengthening is a key element of the Global Health Initiative and Partnership Framework. This associate award is committed to country ownership, institutionalization, and the development of local capacity to ensure sustainability of activities initiated under the agreement. Furthermore, the Award will continue its ongoing efforts in Namibia to strengthen human resources for health (HRH) planning, governance, and financial management of the health system including HIV/AIDS, three important components of the Partnership Framework. By the nature of these activities, they directly contribute to GHI focus areas of transition, increasing domestic financing, equitable resource allocation, and sustainability.

The Associate Award will work at the national level with government officials (MOHSS, Social Security Commission)and civil society stakeholders. By supporting the GRN in developing its staffing norms, HRH planning capacibitilites, the Associate Award will also target the cross-cutting issue of HRH strengthening.

The Associate Award's work aligns with PEPFAR's cost-efficiency principles by str

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $0

>>New Narrative for Oct 2011 Reprogramming: The following represent continuing activities from the HS 20/20 award:

1. Technical support in the area of health care financing, specifically a) to the MOHSS to develop and implement an equitable resource allocation formula, b) to the Social Security Commission regarding its intention to roll out national Health insurance, c) to the MOHSS to develop a health care financing strategy, d) to the MOHSS to conduct costing studies and to develop a process/system for conducting and updating future costing exercises within the Ministry (one that builds upon the expenditure tracking systems). Strengthening MOHSS's capacity in costing will enable them to ensure that new policies and guidelines can be sufficiently financed and effectively implemented. In addition, the Associate Award will continue to provide technical support on NHA specifically to the MOHSS regarding recent methodological revisions to the International Classification of Health Accounts (ICHA), priority area subaccounts, and institutionalization of expenditure tracking and the National Health Accounts Framework. This will equip MOHSS with necessary data to advocate for more GRN health investments during budget negotiations.

2. Organizational development support for the establishment of a new directorate on health information systems at the MoHSS that will build and sustain information systems that make data easier to maintain, access, and use for policy purposes.

3. Technical support to the MoHSS on HRH planning, restructuring, workload assessment and staffing norms.

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Aga Khan Foundation: NA
Bitrán y Asociados: NA
BRAC University: NA
Broad Branch Associates: NA
Deloitte Consulting Limited: NA
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