Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Details for Mechanism ID: 7315
Country/Region: Mozambique
Year: 2012
Main Partner: FHI 360
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $100,000

FANTA II will be de-obligated and re-obligated under FANTA III which is planned to be awarded and begin work in February 2012. The goals of this activity are to improve and harmonize strategies, guidelines, manuals and plans for food and nutrition interventions for PLHIV; strengthen food and nutrition interventions, and in particular improve treatment for moderate and severe acute malnutrition, for PLHIV and OVC in USG-supported HIV care and treatment services and; improve coordination among USG-supported HIV care and treatment services, OVC and food security programs.FANTA III technical assistance to PEPFAR clinical and TITLE II partners, and Government of Mozambique (GOM) will target adults and children living with HIV; HIV-positive pregnant and lactating women; infants and young children (0-24 months) born to HIV-positive mothers; OVC and their caregivers.FANTA III operates at the central and provincial level to improve national-level coordination of the GOM and its partners through the MOH Nutrition and the Nutrition Technical Working Group and development of national guidelines for nutrition and HIV; will collaborate with MOH and partners to develop and implement a Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) strategy for nutrition and HIV; and will continue to improve pre-service and in-service training of health professionals in nutrition aspects of the care and treatment of PLHIV. For Gender, FANTA-3 will integrate gender into nutrition and food security activities with the objective of improving womens and childrens nutritional status and reducing their vulnerability to the impact of HIV.Purchased/leased vehicles under this mechanism from the start of the mechanism will be determined once an award has been made

Funding for Care: Adult Care and Support (HBHC): $100,000

Fanta III operates at the provincial-level in Gaza, Nampula, Sofala, Zambezia and Niassa to strengthen the Provincial Health Directorates (DPS) and its partners capacity to provide nutrition assessment, counseling and treatment of acute malnutrition among children, adolescents and adults with HIV.

FANTA III will support the integration of nutrition in home-based care services in collaboration with ANEMO, the Community Care HIV and AIDS Services Strengthening Project (Com-CHASS/FHI 360), the Capable Partners Program (CAP/FHI360), MOH and the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare (MMAS). ANEMO is also the only MOH authorized organization to provide training for home-based care volunteers. The trainings will target Trainers-of-Trainers in carrying out community-based nutrition assessment, education and counseling of PLHIV. FANTA III will support the cost of the training venues, food for participants during the trainings, and travel and accommodation for participants from the Provincial Health Directorates (DPS) and central level MOH for all of the trainings listed above. USG partners will be responsible for the travel and accommodation costs of USG partner participants. FANTA III will support the cost of printing of training materials and associated job aids.

USAID with with with the partner to develop a set of indicators and monitor and evaluation processes.

Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Addressing male norms and behaviors
Increasing gender equity in HIV/AIDS activities and services
Child Survival Activities
Safe Motherhood