Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2008 2009

Details for Mechanism ID: 3721
Country/Region: Mozambique
Year: 2009
Main Partner: Abt Associates
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $1,500,000

Funding for Strategic Information (HVSI): $150,000

This is a new activity under COP09.

TA to MOH Global Fund Coordinator ($150,000)

The Ministry of Health (MOH) provides a broad range of health services to the population of Mozambique.

The MOH is also the recipient of extensive grant funding from the Global Fund for various service delivery

activities. Mozambique has well-established donor coordination and financing mechanisms. However, as

funding mechanisms have grown dramatically in recent years, the MOH has had difficulty to properly

manage, monitor and report on the many programs and projects associated with this funding.

The Ministry of Health has requested immediate technical assistance to establish a unit within its planning

department to manage the Global Fund's portfolio and improve the Ministry's capabilities to manage,

monitor, and report on its various programs. In doing so, sound processes for specifying, tracking and

measuring program results to ensure a sufficient level of accountability will have to be put in place along

with the necessary human resources to manage this new unit. This will also require establishing clear links

between human resources planning, and the financial and programmatic systems they manage.

The objective of this task is to help the MOH establish a new unit within the Planning Department to

manage the Global Fund's portfolio. This will require establishing sound processes to effectively manage

the various Global Fund programs and ensure that well trained and competent human resources are

staffing the new unit. Finally, this task will require ensuring that both the organizational structure and human

resources foundation are in place to sustain the new unit.

Health Systems 20/20 will target its technical assistance to the MOH's Planning Department and assess its

readiness to establish a unit to manage the Global Fund's various programs and grants. Particular focus will

be placed on the Department's organizational structure and its ability to establish financial monitoring and

tracking systems, operational policies and procedures, and human resources needs to manage such a unit


Proposed activities will proceed in three phases: 1) Assessment of existing organizational structure,

financial monitoring and reporting systems, and human resources capacity; 2) Present and agree on

implementation plan; and 3) Implementation.

New/Continuing Activity: New Activity

Continuing Activity:

Emphasis Areas

Human Capacity Development

Estimated amount of funding that is planned for Human Capacity Development $150,000

Public Health Evaluation

Food and Nutrition: Policy, Tools, and Service Delivery

Food and Nutrition: Commodities

Economic Strengthening



Table 3.3.17:

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $1,350,000

This is a continuing activity under COP09.


1. CNCS Seconded Positions ($350,000)

In 2008, Health Systems 20/20 provided ongoing technical support in the areas of financial and grants

management and organizational and human resources development at the National AIDS Council (CNCS).

In, 2009 HS20/20 will continue support to CNCS to transform the organization from a preponderantly

bureaucratic implementing role into an effective coordination and support body for national HIV/AIDS

programs in Mozambique. Key areas of assistance will include: work with CNCS to establish the agency as

a formal governmental body, thereby permitting employees to enjoy heretofore lacking opportunities for

tenure (job security), career development, health and retirement benefits and other means of institutional

support. This action is aimed at improving the work environment, boosting morale, ensuring retention, and

raising performance standards. The effort includes a re-examination -- and change where necessary -- of

the current CNCS organic statute (organigram), and supporting job descriptions and requisite qualifications

so as to bring CNCS into line with accepted government structures and practices. Assistance is also

focused on operationalization of key management, communications and Finance & Administration system

improvements at the central and provincial levels of the organization. A principal goal of this activity will be

to ensure that each of the eleven provincial branches is operating in close collaboration with the central

secretariat and is serving its role as principal coordinator and important resource for HIV/AIDS programs in

the field. Particular attention will be paid to improving performance in two specific units: Communications

and Advocacy (UNICOM), and the over-arching Planning & Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation unit.

These units are key to CNCS' effective implementation of the revised National Strategic Plan which includes

a new emphasis on adjusting prevention programs to address the specific nature of spread of the HIV/AIDS

epidemic in the country's various geographic and demographic areas. Finally, HS20/20 will provide

assistance in the area of reporting to reinforce the current efforts of all stakeholders, including the Ministry

of Health and Partners.

In the financial management area, HS 20/20 will continue to provide technical support with implementing the

action plan for streamlining and improving CNCS' grants management and financial management policies,

procedures and systems. Funding in this activity will support the following activities:

- Senior Financial Advisor (part-time) - HS 20/20 will maintain the Senior Financial Advisor to oversee the

financial components of the project with the CNCS and the Ministry of Health

- Financial Advisor (full-time) - CNCS has requested on numerous occasions long-term, full-time assistance

to improve its financial and grants management systems. HS 20/20 hired the full-time advisor in October of


- Update and finalize policy and procedure manuals - Targeted updates to operating manuals to assure

efficient, feasible and relevant policies and procedures.

- CNCS policy and procedure training course - Design reusable course materials to train CNCS

administrative staff on manuals in activity

- Support adoption of lessons learned - Assist with follow-up TA visits to provincial level offices to support

adoption of newly learned policies and procedures.

- Grants management training of trainers course - Design reusable course materials to train CNCS grants

management staff. Train CNCS staff to train sub-project staff in grants management and CNCS financial

and M&E requirements.

- Support dissemination of grants management training to IAs - Assist provincial level trainers with initial

training courses given to implementing agencies.

- Support customization and adoption of state-mandated accounting system at the central and provincial-

level CNCS offices.

2. MOH Financial System and Financial Advisor ($1,000,000)

The donors Common Fund is conducting a financial management and expenditure assessment that will

provide comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the current state of financial management in the MOH in

relation to accepted international standards. Health Systems 20/20 will support the MOH and the donors

Common Fund with implementing some of the key recommendations expected from the assessment,

specifically the processes governing the financial management system to ensure that it fulfills donors and

Global Fund's minimum requirements. It is expected that HS20/20 will provide support to the MOH in the

following areas:

- Provide technical support to MOH to customize the government's mandated e-SISTAFE financial

management system, which is designed to improve the accuracy and reporting of financial and accounting

systems at all government ministries including the Ministry of Health. The purpose is to integrate financial

and programmatic data collection, processing, reporting, and use the information for improving health

service effectiveness and efficiency through better management at all levels of MOH. This activity may

include determining what data will be submitted to whom, how frequently data should be submitted to each

level, and determine in what form data will be submitted to each level.

- Address accounting and finance organizational structure ensuring documented roles and responsibilities

and sufficient segregation of duties.

- Address the adequacy of the existing policies and procedures that guide financial activities and ensure


- Update the chart of accounts and ensures that it provides the necessary level of detail to effectively

monitor expenditure in a timely manner.

- Provide cross-functional training of government financial and procurement policies and procedures

beginning at the central level and extending to provincial health districts that are perpetually short of trained


- Support the preparation of regular and reliable financial statements.

Activity Narrative: Deliverables:

- MOH and CNCS financial and human resource capacity strengthened;

- Global Fund resource flow improved.

New/Continuing Activity: Continuing Activity

Continuing Activity: 15857

Continued Associated Activity Information

Activity Activity ID USG Agency Prime Partner Mechanism Mechanism ID Mechanism Planned Funds

System ID System ID

15857 5447.08 U.S. Agency for Abt Associates 7276 3721.08 Follow-on to $558,121

International PHRplus


9119 5447.07 U.S. Agency for Abt Associates 5047 3721.07 Follow-on to $375,000

International PHRplus


5447 5447.06 U.S. Agency for To Be Determined 3721 3721.06 Follow-on to

International PHRplus


Emphasis Areas

Human Capacity Development

Estimated amount of funding that is planned for Human Capacity Development $300,000

Public Health Evaluation

Food and Nutrition: Policy, Tools, and Service Delivery

Food and Nutrition: Commodities

Economic Strengthening



Table 3.3.18:

Subpartners Total: $100,000
Bearing Point's Emerging Markets Group: $100,000
Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $450,000
Human Resources for Health $150,000
Human Resources for Health $300,000