Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2008 2009

Details for Mechanism ID: 3524
Country/Region: Mozambique
Year: 2008
Main Partner: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Own Agency
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $1,633,048

Funding for Management and Operations (HVMS): $1,633,048

The CDC office currently has forty-three (43) positions under various mechanisms - including six (6) direct

hires, thirteen (23) locally employed staff, one (1) Eligible Family Member (EFM) and thirteen (13)

contracted staff (COMFORCE, PSC). Twenty-nine (29) positions are currently filled, six (6) are in process

and eight (8) positions are currently vacant, but will be filled in the near future. Three of these eight are

previously filled positions. Recruiting and hiring in Mozambique has proven to be difficult on many fronts

including lack of available hiring mechanisms (Comforce is no longer available for overseas hires), dire/visa

issues with the local government and severe shortage of local human resources. Even with tremendous

challenges, CDC has been able to fill many of the vacant positions and is on line to fill the outstanding

vacancies during this next year.

In addition to the previously approved positions, CDC Mozambique is proposing 20 technical and

administrative positions that will manage the significant increase in activities for 2008 and beyond. They are

discussed in the Staffing Matrix as well the individual program activities that will fund these positions.

CDC received approval in the 2006 COP to expand the office to the adjacent space in our existing building.

We are now occupying the new offices. Most of the costs included in the M&S budget cover expenses

related to supporting the CDC staff and office expenses. Some technical staff salaries are included in the

M&S budget per COP Guidance.

This activity contains funding for various administrative activities in the amount of $703,952

- Salaries and benefits ($628,952)- 100% of CDC's Deputy Director and 100% of the Director are paid via

the Management and Staffing program through this mechanism. In addition, full salary and benefits are

provided in this activity for the IT Manager, the Office Manager and Sr. Financial Specialist positions. Note

that we are requesting early funding for this amount to assure availability of funding for these key


- Other Equipmwnt paid with IMPAC ($35,000)

- Other Supplies paid with IMPAC ($40,000)

This activity contains funding for various administrative activities:

- Salaries for various administrative support staff ($398,260) - IT Assistant,Program Support Specialist I,

Administrative Assistant I, Administrative Assistant II, Administrative Assistant III, Administrative Assistant

IV, Driver I, Driver II, Driver III, Driver IV, Driver V, Dispatcher/Driver, Executive Secretary, HR

Administrative Assistant, Procurement Agent, Receptionist, Travel Assistant, Translator/Language

Instructor. Note that we are requesting early funding for salaries to assure availability of funding in the early

months of the fiscal year.

- Automobile Fuel for CDC Motorpool ($12,000)

- Automobile maintenance and insurance ($22,000)

- Office Cleaning Services - ($8,816)

- Customs clearance of goods (Supplies, Equipment, Furniture, etc.) ($14,000)

- Locally procured Office Supplies ($25,000)

- HR Position Announcements in local paper $2000 per announcement ($32,000)

- Internet Service for CDC Office $2900 per month + VAT (17%) (includes possible 8.8% increase)


- Office Maintenance contract ($25,000)

- Utilities - Office phones (Land line & cell phones), electricity and water ($87,000)

- Shipment of things ($12,000)

- Residential Furniture and Other Equipment - ($250,000)

- Residential rent for direct hire employees - ($477,000)

- Parking fees - ($19,160)

- Conference Travel /Registration - ($70,000)

- Post paid awards to LES Staff - ($7,500)

- Travel for R&R /Home leave/MEDIVAC - ($114,000)

Most of the roles of the new and proposed positions funded with this activity are self-explanator

administrative support positions necessitated by the significant increase in activities and new program staff.

However, we feel one position may warrant further explanation.

Translator/Language Instructor (FSN) - The Language Instructor/Translator provides language training,

translation and interpretation services for various staff. It has become increasingly difficult in recruiting new

staff that have required levels of fluency in Portuguese as well as English for those locally hired. By having

an in-house language instructor, it will be much easier to coordinate classes.