Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 9273
Country/Region: Malawi
Year: 2010
Main Partner: Management Sciences for Health
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $0

PFIP year 1 budget - $281,581 PFIP year 2 budget - $0

Summary After prolonged negotiations with the HIV/AIDS Unit and the Ministry of Health, it has been decided that the SPS project will focus on building technical capacity related to PMTCT relative to the rational use of medicines and create tools that will assist clinical and management staff to better track and report on PMTCT commodities. The TA provided will not to be limited to PMTCT/ARV drugs only, but rather the focus is to provide technical assistance to create an integrated pharmaceutical supply and rational use/dispensing system. To the extent feasible, some support would be linked to on-going SPS work under malaria medicines supported by PMI. Finally, support to strengthen MOH pharmaceuticals department will be provided as they transition into a directorate, which is critical part of a long term system strengthening and institution capacity development that will have a broader impact on the pharmaceutical sector in Malawi. Both in a short and long term, this support would serve the interest of HIV/AIDS unit and other public health programs. Background With FY 2008 PEPFAR funding, MSH/SPS supported the MOH scale up plans for counseling and testing, ART, and PMTCT services by facilitating the integration of HIV/AIDS medicines into the general supply chain to improve overall pharmaceutical management for HIV/AIDS programs. Current support in pharmaceutical management addresses each HIV/AIDS area individually and there is need to consolidate

these efforts under the umbrella of the National Drug Policy in terms of drug selection, procurement, distribution, and rational use. The procurement of all medicines and medical supplies in Malawi is done in accordance with the Malawi National Drug List and the Essential Health Package. The National Drug Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting drugs and reviewing the Essential drug list and standard treatment guidelines (STG). MSH/SPS will work with the MOH to update the Malawi Essential Drug List as well as STG with HIV/AIDS medicines, to provide a facilitative policy environment for HIV/AIDS commodities integration into routine supply chain systems, and their rational use at facility levels. MSH/SPS will continue to work closely with the DELIVER Project and the MOH (the new HIV/AIDS M and E unit) to ensure a seamless complementarity of assistance and training between the two projects. This activity focuses on pharmaceutical management and rational drug use while the JSI - Deliver project focus is on logistics and information systems.

Key Issues Identified in Mechanism