Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Details for Mechanism ID: 9349
Country/Region: India
Year: 2012
Main Partner: University of Washington
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: HHS/HRSA
Total Funding: $750,000

I-TECHs goal is to strengthen health systems for improved, expanded, equitable and sustainable HIV service delivery through individual and institutional capacity building. This is an ongoing project that supports goal 4 (HSS) of PEPFAR/Indias strategy.

I-TECH works at the national level with NACO, and with the 10 NACO-designated Centers of Excellence (COE) throughout India. This project also targets health care providers in these institutions.

Project efficiencies are maximized by using innovative and economical capacity building models including the National Distance Learning Clinical Series (NDLCS) using Adobe Connect Pro Platform, clinical and programmatic mentoring, Expert Physician Access Number (EPAN), E-Library, COE Network Website, Research Capacity Building Programs.

I-TECHs transition strategy is based on equipping COE staff to implement this range of programs in their regions through a) continuous on-site capacity building and technical assistance, and b) creation of customized database management systems

To monitor and evaluate project activities, I-TECH plans a range of activity-specific and project-wide assessments including: baseline and final assessments of training and clinical mentoring; continuous monitoring of specific activities through periodic reporting, site visits and quarterly review meetings. I-TECH plans a program-wide expert external evaluation.

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Budget Code Recipient(s) of Support Approximate Budget Brief Description of ActivitiesOHSS NACO 750000 Technical Assistance to the NACO designated Centers of Excellence through in-service trainings, CMEs, Clinical Mentoring, Expert Physician Access Number (E-PAN), Research Capacity Building

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $175,000

NACO supports designated regional Centers of Excellence (COEs) to strengthen human resources in ART centers, Community Care Centers (CCCs) and Link ART Centers (LACs). I-TECH will facilitate this process by supporting capacity development in all designated COEs. In the area of health system strengthening, I-TECH will support capacity-building for operations research, and roll-out of a NACO-COE website.

Research Capacity Building Training Programs:

The main goal of the Non-Clinical trainings is to improve the capacity for conducting operations research at the NACO designated COEs. As India scales up prevention, care, and treatment efforts, research activities also need to scale up to provide strategic information to guide the national program. Assessments of the 10 COEs in India documented the need for capacity development in the areas of Research Methods, Data Analysis and Technical Writing. I-TECH proposes to develop a series of short training workshops on these topics to support systems strengthening activities for the COEs.

I-TECH will help each COE strengthen its capacity to collect, analyze and publish scientific papers on prioritized HIV topics. In FY12 I-TECH will assist COEs in designing research protocols, forming research committees/IRBs and providing training and technical assistance.

National COE Network Website:

In FY11 I-TECH developed a robust website to link all training centers and HIV Care COEs in the country and presented it to NACO. In FY12 NACO will scale up this website and roll it out for use by the COEs. This site is an excellent resource for physicians, program managers, ART medical officers, and policy makers. The NACO-COE website will provide access to updated information on the background of each COE, their staff strength, facility infrastructure available, and location details. It will also feature resources at each centre such as details on the comprehensive HIV care services, training and mentoring services, research activities, and clinical expert panel activities.

Funding for Treatment: Adult Treatment (HTXS): $575,000

NACO supports designated regional Centers of Excellence (COEs) to strengthen human resources in ART centers, Community Care Centers (CCCs) and Link ART Centers (LACs). I-TECH will facilitate this process by supporting capacity development in all designated COEs; specifically, I-TECH will introduce various training models that can be taken to the periphery by the COEs in improving care and treatment services.

National Distance Learning Clinical Series (NDLCS):NDLCS can be used to increase health care workers' knowledge and skills related to care, treatment, diagnosis, and comprehensive management of HIV and AIDS patients in resource-limited settings. It is a tool to increase collaboration and communication across NACOs ART Medical Officers, with an emphasis on sharing best practices and lessons learned from HIV and AIDS-related clinical issues; share information on cutting edge HIV and AIDS research and evidence-based case-management approaches; and identify complex issues related to managing HIV through case-specific clinical consultations. NDLCS also builds skill and experience in the use of the interactive webcasting distance learning technology that can be used to broaden its application for new audiences and purposes. In FY12, I-TECH-India will conduct 20 in-country NDLCS case-based instructional sessions on the clinical management of HIV via web cast to participants in all districts in India. Presenters for the series are national experts who have vast experience in the HIV field.

Clinical and Programmatic Mentoring:

One of the key components of I-TECH programs is mentoring. Clinical mentorship is a training and consultation system that fosters ongoing professional development and expertise to yield sustainable high quality clinical care outcomes. This practice supports decentralization of HIV care and standardizes antiretroviral therapy following national guidelines. In FY12, I-TECH will both mentor and provide mentoring training and other technical assistance to COE senior medical staff. Leveraging this supportive supervision model maximizes the knowledge and expertise of COE/ART clinicians. One senior NACO National Consultant will be supported by I-TECH.

Implementing Mechanism Indicator InformationRedacted

Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $750,000
Human Resources for Health $750,000