Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 11437
Country/Region: Haiti
Year: 2009
Main Partner: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Own Agency
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $449,338

Funding for Management and Operations (HVMS): $449,338

CDC Haiti Management & Staffing - ICASS


The CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) office first opened in the capital city of Port au Prince, Haiti in 2003

as a co-located office on the USAID Mission campus. Since the inception of the President's Emergency

Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program in Haiti in 2004, CDC's management and technical staff have

worked in close collaboration with the Population Health and Nutrition Unit (PHN) of USAID to jointly

manage the planning and implementation of the PEPFAR program. In April 2008, CDC Haiti co-located its

country office to the newly opened U.S. Embassy Compound located in the Tabarre section of the capital

city. CDC Haiti HIV/AIDS technical and public health advisor programmatic/managerial expertise continue

to provide assistance and capacity building training (including financial management) to both the Ministry of

Health (MOH) and the United States Government (USG)'s institutional partners. As CDC Haiti does not

operate under a larger in-country agency context for its administrative support service, it has sole

operational and financial responsibility for its own contingency planning, the meeting of USG security

requirements, the provision of workspace (including internet access), the recruitment and training of locally

employed personnel, and residential housing support for USG Direct Hires assigned to Haiti. In addition,

CDC Haiti has associated support expenses incurred for CDC Haiti technical expert personnel located in

the field as well as in Port-au-Prince who work with USG partners to implement PEPFAR program activities

throughout Haiti as approved in the yearly Country (COP).

Cost of Doing Business: - ICASS

For FY09, the CDC/Haiti estimated ICASS expense is budgeted for $449,338. The PEPFAR is the only

program funded activity operated by the CDC Haiti office. To support CDC Haiti activities and personnel in

Haiti, CDC Haiti receives all non-CDC provided in-country support services via the US Embassy ICASS

program, under which CDC Haiti subscribes to a "full slate" of ICASS provided support services. Some of

the subscribed services include: motor pool back-up support; GSO housing and maintenance for U.S. direct

-hire and personal services contract (PSC) personnel; payroll and related HR support services for locally

employed personnel; diplomatic pouch services for US personnel; airport expeditor services for USG and

TDY personnel; government-owned vehicle mechanic services; cashiering, procurement, accounting and

vouchering financial services for both US and LES personnel; provisioning of drinking water and residential

water supplies for US personnel; "mandatory" armored vehicle shuttle service for USG direct-hire and TDY

personnel; and regional security support for CDC Haiti assigned direct-hire and USG TDY personnel.

New/Continuing Activity: Continuing Activity

Continuing Activity: 19000

Continued Associated Activity Information

Activity Activity ID USG Agency Prime Partner Mechanism Mechanism ID Mechanism Planned Funds

System ID System ID

19000 19000.08 HHS/Centers for US Centers for 7701 3141.08 $600,000

Disease Control & Disease Control

Prevention and Prevention

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