Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2013 2014 2015

Details for Mechanism ID: 16627
Country/Region: Ghana
Year: 2014
Main Partner: Johns Hopkins University
Main Partner Program: JHPIEGO
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: USDOD
Total Funding: $0 Additional Pipeline Funding: $300,000

NOTE: The following is taken from summaries released by PEPFAR on the PEPFAR Data Dashboard. They are incomplete summary paragraphs only and do not contain the full mechanism details. When the full narratives are released, we will update the mechanism pages accordingly.

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) play a vital role in national security, peacekeeping actions throughout the continent and humanitarian assistance/disaster management. The GAF has 12,000 members comprised mainly of men in the age group 19-49. Jhpiego will support the United States Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP) partnership with the GAF to implement the goal of reducing new infections among members of the GAF, their families and communities. In addition through this partnership, the target populations (military members, their families and community members) will experience increased access HIV care and treatment services, improved laboratory capacity and health systems. Jhpiego, uses the Prism monitoring and evaluation system in their worldwide HIV/AIDS programs, this system provides in-time information to program mangers and allows for rapid response to any issues that arise in program implementation. The program is committed to longer term cost-sharing on the the part of GAF for this valuable program, at this time the GAF is making a significant contribution of active duty military personnel to serve as peer educators and HTC counselors. As training materials and methods are routinized, the GAF will be able to assume larger role in the operation of the program.

Mechanism Allocation by Budget Code for Selected Year
Laboratory Infrastructure (HLAB) $0
Testing: HIV Testing and Counseling (HVCT) $0
Sexual Prevention: Other Sexual Prevention (HVOP) $0
Mechanism Target Information

Since COP2014, PEPFAR no longer produces narratives for every mechanism it funds. However, PEPFAR has now included performance targets or indicator information for each mechanism based on the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) system. The MER guidance is available on PEPFAR's website Note that COP years 2014-2015 were under a previous version of the MER system and the indicators and definitions may have changed as of the new 2.0 guidance.

MER Indicator MER description Target Fiscal Year Target
LAB_CAP_DSD By site support type: Technical Assistance-only (TA) 2015 1
LAB_CAP_DSD Number of PEPFAR-supported testing facilities with capacity to perform clinical laboratory tests 2015 1
LAB_CAP_DSD Sum of Site Support Type disaggregates 2015 1
PP_PREV_TA Number of the target population who completed a standardized HIV prevention intervention including the minimum components during the reporting period 2015 200
PP_PREV_TA Total number of people in the target population 2015 800
SITE_SUPP By program area/support type: General Population Prevention Technical Assistance-only (TA) 2015 13
SITE_SUPP By program area/support type: HTC Technical Assistance-only (TA) 2015 10
SITE_SUPP By program area/support type: PMTCT Technical Assistance-only (TA) 2015 13
SITE_SUPP Number of unique sites supported by PEPFAR 2015 10
Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Military Populations