Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Details for Mechanism ID: 14232
Country/Region: Ethiopia
Year: 2013
Main Partner: Pact, Inc.
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $10,080,000

This new Ethiopia Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) Program continues the activities for OVC under the Positive Change: Children, Communities and Care (PC3) program. The primary goal is to reduce vulnerability among OVC and their families by strengthening systems and structures to deliver quality services to increase resiliency through a family-centered care and support approach. The program will reach 500,000 highly vulnerable children through a systems approach resting on four pillars: 1) Addressing child development needs; 2) Ensuring availability of and access to high quality services; 3) Strengthening community support; and 4) Promoting evidence-based decision-making and policy development. This is aligned with the GHI strategy to reduce socio-economic impacts of HIV on OVCs and people living with HIV/AIDS and the PF Goal 2.5: Increase care and support to needy OVC from 30% in 2008 to 50% by 2014. HVC will strengthen capacity and partnerships with local civil society and govt partners for better network coordination of services and support using standardized existing guidelines, tools, and materials. Coverage will be natl with emphasis on urban hotspots with high HIV prevalence. By the end of 2014, a child-focused Social Welfare Framework will be locally sustained to support quality, comprehensive services and empower caregivers to holistically address the needs of children and families through cost-effective coordination and integrated linkages in an extended care network focused on child wellness and family support. With its natl scope, the IP will operate six offices to appropriately provide M & E and coordinate community-based activities with continuous support supervision and review meetings. Six vehicles will be purchased for activity implementation

Funding for Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (HKID): $10,080,000

The Ethiopia Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) Program is the USAID umbrella mechanism to support HVC and their families affected by HIV/AIDS. The program components will be implemented at the regional and community levels by PACT International, in conjunction with Family Health International, ChildFund and more than 40 local implementing partners. UNICEF will implement programming at the Federal level. Furthermore, PACT will manage sub-awards to local Ethiopian entities that will comprise of up to 75% of the total funding received each year. HVC builds on existing strengths at the family, household, community and government levels to support the needs of highly vulnerable children. Central to ensuring quality services is family-centered care management that recognizes that child well-being is wholly dependent on household members, HVC and their families to receive age-appropriate, inclusive services and active child participation. The programs regional to community level component also works with government administrative offices from three Ministries and a variety of service organizations. In addition to Boston Universitys engagement to design and implement an impact evaluation, the HVC program should also include robust monitoring, evaluation, feedback and learning processes that generate evidence to inform program implementation and policy discussions.

Subpartners Total: $0
Amhara Development Association: NA
Beza Lehiwot: NA
Organization for Child Development and Transformation: NA
Fayyaa Integrated Development Organization: NA
Handicap International: NA
Hiwot Integrated Family Services: NA
Oromo Grassroots Development Initiative: NA
Integrated Service for AIDS Prevention & Support Organization: NA
Mary Joy Aid Through Development: NA
Mekdim Ethiopia National Association: NA
Organization for Social Services for AIDS: NA
Progynist: NA
Propride: NA
Ratson Women Youth and Children Development Program: NA
Rohi Weddu Pastoral Women Development Organization: NA
Tesfa Social and Development Association: NA
Cross Cutting Budget Categories and Known Amounts Total: $3,551,000
Economic Strengthening $2,016,000
Education $480,000
Food and Nutrition: Commodities $240,000
Food and Nutrition: Policy, Tools, and Service Delivery $240,000
Human Resources for Health $375,000
Water $200,000
Key Issues Identified in Mechanism
Implement activities to change harmful gender norms & promote positive gender norms
Increase gender equity in HIV prevention, care, treatment and support
Increasing women's access to income and productive resources
Increasing women's legal rights and protection
Child Survival Activities
Mobile Populations
Safe Motherhood
End-of-Program Evaluation