Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2010 2011 2013

Details for Mechanism ID: 7564
Country/Region: Ethiopia
Year: 2011
Main Partner: ICF International
Main Partner Program: ICF Macro
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $250,000

As part of its support for closing data-gap on health information, USAID is supporting the planning and implementation of Demographic Health Surveys (DHS) in Ethiopia. So far, two rounds of DHS were successfully implemented in 2000 and 2005. The current (third round survey) will continue the tradition of employing cutting edge-approaches to make quality data available for program and policy decisions. The planning for the Ethiopian Demographic Survey 2010 (EDHS 2010) was started in FY 2009.

Similar to the 2000 and 2005 EDHS, the primary objective of the 2010 DHS will be to provide national and regional level up-to-date information for policy makers, planners, researchers, and program managers. The result is used for planning, monitoring and evaluation of population and health related programs in the country. The information obtained from the DHS will provide critical information for the monitoring and evaluation of the country's Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty, the national Health Sector Development Program, and assist in the monitoring of the progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The support will also strengthen the technical capacity of the Central Statistical Agency to plan, conduct, process, and analyze similar survey data.

The survey operation will be closely monitored and implemented by Macro International for ensuring quality data, based on their international experience. The EDHS 2010 will be implemented under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Health and implemented by the Central Statistical Agency. The EDHS 2010 will be fielded in February 2010 and the analytical report and final summary of documentation of findings will be published in February 2011. The final report will be reviewed and disseminated at national and regional levels starting April 2011.

Funding for Strategic Information (HVSI): $250,000

PEPFAR in collaboration with other health programs is supporting the planning, implementing and disseminating activities of the 2010 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS).

The support will be used for planning and disseminating the EDHS 2010 result at national and regional level.

The current EDHS2010 is designed to collect comparable and comprehensive nationally and regionally representative data on various health-related variables including immunization, maternal health, fertility, family planning services, malaria and HIV/AIDS. These data will be further analyzed at various levels to enhance better understanding of specific findings and will be shared with key stakeholders including front-line health program implementers at the regional levels.

The EDHS 2010 will be fielded in Nov 2011. Analytical report and final summary f findings will be published in Jan 2012. The final report will be reviewed and disseminated at national and regional level starting Feb 2012.

These data need to be analyzed further to explain findings so they can be disseminated and utilized effectively at national and regional levels. The EDHS2010 findings need to be shared with "front-line" health program implementers to help inform and guide their work. PEPFAR support though COP 2010 will be used to support further analysis and dissemination for front-line health program planners and implementers. Specifically the support will be used for: planning and implementing further analysis at various levels to enhance better understanding of specific findings on selected topics (detailed reports on select topics will be prepared, printed and disseminated); preparing regional level factsheets (4 regions); planning and conducting regional level dissemination workshops (4 regions); and strengthening the technical capacity of the CSA to plan, conduct, process and analyze similar survey data.

Subpartners Total: $0
Central Statistical Authority of Ethiopia: NA