Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 5517
Country/Region: Ethiopia
Year: 2007
Main Partner: Pact, Inc.
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Private Contractor
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $671,440

Funding for Sexual Prevention: Abstinence/Be Faithful (HVAB): $421,440

Muslim Faith Based HIV Prevention AB

This is a continuing activity from FY06. As of June 2006, the partner received 100% of FY06 funds and is on track according to the original targets and workplan. PACT is conducting HIV prevention and capacity building with three indigenous Muslim faith-based organizations.

Muslim Faith Based HIV Prevention AB: In FY06, the USG provided support to PACT/Ethiopia to build the capacity of the Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency to implement HIV prevention AB activities in/around Jimma town, Dire Dawa and Harar. In FY06, PACT/Ethiopia expanded the capacity building and HIV prevention AB activities to include two additional Muslim organizations operating in the underserved regions of Afar and Somali.

Adult HIV prevalence within the program's geographic coverage, based on ANC and EDHS data, is summarized below: Dire Dawa - ANC 2005 (Urban 8.0%, Rural 0.9%), EDHS 2005 - 3.2% Jimma (Oromia) - ANC 2005 (Urban 8.0%, Rural 1.3%), EDHS 2005 - 1.4% Harari - ANC 2005 (Urban 6.9%, Rural 0.5%), EDHS 2005 - 3.5% Somali - ANC 2005 (Urban 3.5%, Rural 0.7%), EDHS 2005 - 0.7% Afar - ANC 2005 (Urban 13.7%, Rural 1.7%), EDHS 2005 - 2.9 %

PACT/Ethiopia provides organizational capacity building and HIV prevention activity grants to the following organizations in/around Jimma Zone, Harar and Dire Dawa towns, and districts in the Afar and Somali regions: Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency Ogaden Welfare and Development Association Rohi Weddu Pastoral Women's Development Organization (PWDO)

PACT/Ethiopia facilitates HIV prevention programming by subpartners through joint planning and supervision, technical training on HIV prevention, material adaptation and M&E support. The subpartners utilize pre-existing materials from Health Communications Partnership, PACT or the Government of Ethiopia's Health Education Center.

COP06 Summary: Since FY05, the Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency has operated HIV prevention AB programs in Jimma and Harar and surrounding areas. According to the EDHS (2005), polygamy accounts for 16% of relationships in Jimma and 5.5% in Harar. These areas can be characterized as cash crop areas known for coffee or khat production. During the seasonal harvest there is an influx of migrant workers to rural areas and commercial sex workers to the urban areas. Post-harvest households are often endowed with disposable incomes. Working through local Imams, youth groups and interested community members, the Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency facilitated interactive sessions during weekly congregations at the Mosque, youth groups and community gatherings to discuss HIV prevention through AB methods, stigma and existing care and treatment services. Training of imams and community leaders on basic HIV transmission, AB and gender has supported a greater consistency of messaging from Muslim leaders in these areas.

COP07 Activity Components: In FY07, PACT/Ethiopia will continue to engage subpartners to improve organizational capacity, facilitate implementation of HIV prevention AB activities with technical assistance and jointly monitor their progress to targets. Education activities will be carried out through community level educators, in schools to implement education and A & B messages, establish and support youth Anti-AIDS clubs with a greater focus on women-only clubs, IEC material distribution and the organization of public gatherings for community conversations. Providing information during Friday prayers using teachings from the Qu'ran will continue. PACT/Ethiopia will provide technical assistance to subpartners to utilize community radio broadcast of AB messages. Imams and community leaders will be encouraged to participate in market day teachings and interpersonal communications at the household level.

The USG expects PACT/Ethiopia and subpartners to collaborate with existing HIV prevention partners to utilize pre-existing audio and print materials, work with existing partners to develop culturally appropriate AB messages within the context of polygamy,

expand understanding of local care and support networks among Imams, continue to actively engage men with messages addressing social norms placing them at risk of HIV infection and coordinating with mobile CT services to provide seasonal harvest periods/marketplaces. PACT/Ethiopia will include specific references to the disparity of HIV burden among adolescent women in all trainings.

A significant proportion of beneficiaries are men. HIV prevention trainings will focus on perceptions of masculinity, social norms including culturally appropriate messages on polygamous relationships and HIV.

Gender and stigma are cross-cutting issues throughout the program. The participation of both males and females in training and discussion about sexual health issues can be sensitive, so interventions such as training women-to-women health promoters ensure that women are not left out. Stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS has been significantly reduced as people gain a clearer understanding of how the disease is transmitted. Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) has increased, with some areas following new community norms encouraging premarital couples counseling and testing.

Funding for Sexual Prevention: Abstinence/Be Faithful (HVAB): $250,000

PEPFAR recognizes the high level of HIV prevalence in emerging regions, and will concentrate efforts in conflict areas such as Gambella to address HIV/AIDS among most at risk populations, in particular youth, mine workers and commerical sex workers who frequent Gambella town. This activity will utilize interpersonal and interactive communication with local community-based organizations already operating in Gambella. PACT/Ethiopia will oversee technical and financial management of these groups.

Subpartners Total: $192,769
Ethiopia Muslim Development Agency: NA
Ogaden Welfare and Development Association: $129,699
Rohi Weddu Pastoral Women Development Organization: $63,070