Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Years of mechanism: 2013 2014

Details for Mechanism ID: 17004
Country/Region: Dominican Republic
Year: 2013
Main Partner: Management Sciences for Health
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: NGO
Funding Agency: USAID
Total Funding: $129,646

In support of Goal Area 1 of the Partnership Framework (Public Policies for a Sustainable National Response) and Priority Area 1 of the Global Health Initiative Strategy (Strengthened Health System), USAID will leverage the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project to provide short-term technical support to the countrys Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). GMS was established by the US Government to provide urgent, short-term technical support to countries receiving grants from the GFATM. GMS is a USAID-funded project managed by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC). It is led by MSH with four partners. GMS contribution includes assisting in resolving Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) governance and leadership challenges. The PEPFAR team is a voting member of the CCM for the GFTAM program in the DR. A number of major shortcomings have been identified with management and implementation of the GFTAM program, which is the major funder for treatment in the country. The GFTAM and the US Government are seeking to work more closely together at global and national level. The PEPFAR team requested that USAID include funding for GMS in the COP 2013

The objective of this project in the Dominican Republic (DR) will be to strengthen the leadership of the CCM as the GFATM transitions out of the DR. This activity will leverage GFATM resources for technical support, which the CCM does not currently have the capacity to implement. The project will be monitored based on a set of milestones which will be developed in conjunction with the CCM. Ultimately, the impact of this project should result in improved and sustained performance of the GFATM project in the DR.

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $129,646

The principal health systems barrier that GMS will address is the lack of leadership in confronting the National Response to HIV. In addition to managing and overseeing implementation of the GFATM, the CCM serves as the principal donor coordination forum in the health sector. An added advantage of this model compared to traditional donor coordination models is the additional participation of government, civil society and the private sector.

Unfortunately, the CCM has not taken advantage of this diverse participation. As a result the management and implementation of the Global Fundthe principal resource for ARVs and Human Resources in the HIV responsehas been seen as weak. The first activity will be a scoping visit to develop a technical assistance plan to improve Global Fund project management in the Dominican Republic. As a result of this scoping visit, the project in conjunction with the CCM will develop a list of milestones to track progress towards improved management and leadership of and by the CCM. USAID is able to allocate a relatively modest budget towards this activity because it is expected that GFATM resources for technical support will be leveraged.

The PEPFAR team holds a voting position on the CCM. The PEPFAR team is seeking to take greater advantage of opportunities to coordinate activities with the GFTAM. Recent visits by the GFATM Portfolio Manager for the DR indicate an increased willingness to ensure coordination. As such, this mechanism will be a strategic vehicle to ensure that coordination.

In addition, the GFATM is transitioning out of the country. In 2011, the GFATM was procuring 100% of the countrys ARVs; within two years it is expected that the GODR assume 100% of this cost. Concurrently, there is also a need to transition human resources currently supported by the GFATM. Focused technical assistance will help to inform the transition process beyond GFATM and eventually beyond PEPFAR.