Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 1383
Country/Region: Caribbean Region
Year: 2008
Main Partner: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Main Partner Program: NA
Organizational Type: Own Agency
Funding Agency: enumerations.HHS
Total Funding: $40,350

Funding for Sexual Prevention: Abstinence/Be Faithful (HVAB): $16,438

Reprogrammed funds for additional support to management, staffing and travel for BCC related activities.

Funding for Management and Operations (HVMS): $23,912

HHS/CDC BOTUSA operations costs Include information technology operations, and other management


Inputs: The USG provides funding

Activities/Outputs: These funds support management and staffing costs including salaries, travel costs,

training, rent, printing, supplies and associated operational costs. Information technology needs are also

included. Various monitoring and evaluation strategies including budget tracking are carried out. Budget

allocations are assessed against priorities in the plan and spending is realigned as needed.

HHS/CDC/BOTUSA IT operations strengthen national HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and care programs,

and increase uptake in programs, adherence and efficacy. The target in 2004 is that HHS/CDC/BOTUSA

technical information technology backstops all the USG national HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and care

operations. Various monitoring activities including assessment of software applications will be carried out.

HHS/CDC/BOTUSA will also reimburse the Department of State for support services provided to

HHS/CDC/BOTUSA as per the requirement under ICASS regulations in the Department Of State. Under

ICASS, there is a component of strategic information that will be obtained through ICASS reports that are

funded through routine mission operations. ICASS charges are $819,036.

Outcomes: HHS/CDC/BOTUSA administrative and information technology operations back up all the USG

national and Government of Botswana HIV/AIDS implementation strategies on treatment, prevention and

care operations.