Detailed Mechanism Funding and Narrative

Details for Mechanism ID: 5397
Country/Region: Botswana
Year: 2007
Main Partner: Johns Hopkins University
Main Partner Program: JHPIEGO
Organizational Type: University
Funding Agency: HHS/CDC
Total Funding: $53,000

Funding for Health Systems Strengthening (OHSS): $53,000

In 2004, the Ministry of Health, with PEPFAR support, developed the KITSO HIV/AIDS training program to guide the Ministry and its training partners in the coordination of HIV/AIDS health professional training in Botswana. As part of the monitoring and evaluation of this training, the plan proposes the creation of a national training database. The Ministry of Health, after careful consultation, has decided to use/adapt the Training Information Monitoring System (TIMS©) developed by JHPIEGO.

TIMS is a computer-based tool used to track and monitor training efforts. It is a Microsoft Access database application used to store information about training course content, timing, participants and trainers. In TIMS, each person's skills, qualifications and current facility are stored, along with courses taken, courses taught and competencies achieved and maintained.

TIMS is able to track information about courses, participants and trainers to report items such as: • Number of courses held summarized by training centers, districts or provinces • Number of courses held on specific topics in a given timeframe, the sponsors and number of people attended • Number of course participants each funding agency or award is providing training for • The types of health facilities where trained health care professionals work • The levels of clinical and training skills competency participants have attained • If providers are attending complementary or duplicate courses • Which trainers have been conducting courses and how many have they trained • Which course participants have received a follow-up assessment of their skills • The results of training follow-up visits to specific course participants

TIMS has standard and customizable data elements for monitoring events, participants, and trainers. There are over 60 standard reports included in TIMS and using MS Access 2000 query and reporting tools, a database administrator can add more reports to the TIMS reports menu, for easy access by end users. Additionally, data can be exported from TIMS into common formats for: • Graphing • Mapping • Tabular presentation • Statistical analysis

JHPIEGO has facilitated the use of TIMS for training programs in 15 countries in Africa, Asia and Caribbean.

JHPIEGO will provide technical assistance and training in the adaptation and use of TIMS to the MOH. This will require the following: 1. A needs assessment will be undertaken to assess how TIMS will be used and applied for supporting training programs in Botswana. 2. The system will be customized for local use and local technical capacity and information infrastructure in facilities where TIMS would be deployed will be assessed. 3. Data collection forms and sample database will be developed to suit the needs of the training program. 4. Pre-existing provider databases for "pre-populating" TIMS provider data table will be identified and gathered. 5. Program managers, M&E officers, data entry personnel and other future TIMS users will be trained on all aspects of the system. 6. IT professionals will be briefed on common ongoing support questions they may need to respond to. 7. JHPIEGO will work onsite with new TIMS users to assure program is installed correctly on desktops and/or networks and practice data entry and report generation with real or sample data. 8. JHPIEGO will provide ongoing technical assistance.

A training manual has been developed and will be made available to the staff at the MoH. A computer and printer will also be provided as part of the package. MOH will hire a data clerk to be responsible for data entry.